Season 6 Promotional Images

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  1. I can’t believe these wonderful, awesome human beings are real. Are they real? ;)

    They look like two fiancés, don’t they :-)

    • They look like a very happy couple. exactly what fiancé should look like smiling snd radiating with joy and happiness.

  3. phoenix0504 says:

    Finally some promo pics! Just a few more weeks and the wait is over. :-)

  4. Less than 20 days to go!!! :D

  5. Everyone looks great in these photos, but Nathan and Stana are drop dead gorgeous. Holy Cow! Is it my imagination or did Nathan lose weight? He looks like James Bond in these pictures. Stana is stunning and that smile would light up a room. 18 days to go. Can’t wait for Season 6 to begin.

    • Nathan has always looked much slimmer in person/photos, he just looks larger on screen.. camera adding ten pounds and all that I guess

    • Yeah, wow, they really do look great together! Kathy, I thought Nathan looks a lot slimmer too. I wonder how tall Stana is without the heels, anyone know?

      • GR, Stana is 5 feet 9 inches tall. They do look like a engaged couple.

      • GR, several websites list Stana’s height at 5’9″. Nathan is listed at 6’2″. Maybe that is part of why they put her in heels so much, to more closely match the height difference.

        • And of course, when their height is a closer match, it is far easier for Castle to be giving Beckett some kisses. Plus, easier on Stana’s neck when she nestles in and gazes into Nathan’s blue eyes.

  6. Yeah,great pics! I’m counting the days already.

  7. I just wish I could see the glitter of a shiny ring on Beckett’s left hand. Or at least, have these images tease us by cleverly hiding the hand. I am so freakin’ in love with those photos of Nathan and Stana in formal wear. They are a gorgeous couple.

  8. Classy and sassy too! I like it! :) Can’t wait…..

  9. Honey Apostos says:

    Nice pictures. :)

  10. They all look really beautiful, but why do most of them look so serious? I almost prefer the previous header, because all of them looked very cheerful in that one, with their big smiles :D

  11. Love the pictures, just wish they didn’t airbrush them quite so much and they do it every year. They always look a little bit like the artwork where you are never quite sure if it is a painting or a photo.

  12. Those pictures of the actors Ah ! Are so great it makes the ladies look gorgeous and the man very very handsome .It also makes me anxious to see the first episode of the year on the 23 of September.

  13. Love this show and can’t wait until it starts again and these pictures are truly amazing.

  14. Ash, I agree with the airbrush look. Stana , not so much, but Nathan, always! I love that Seamus kept his hair short , Jon looks handsome as always, Molly looks so grown up and beautiful ,Penny and Tamala look gorgeous , and Susan looks stunning in that outfit ( i love the color ) .

    Nathan still very handsome and Stana…….well, let’s just say I don’t think she could ever take a bad picture. She’s absolutely , naturely , beautiful.

    I can’t wait for September 23rd @ 10pm !!!!!!!

    • You are right Jackie , Susan chose a stunning outfit .She surely does not look 70 years old in that outfit. .It makes her look much younger.I hope I look as great as Susan when I am 70 .Right now I am 62 snd am told I do not look 62 .

  15. i love this show :-) awesome :-) and all look beautiful :-)

  16. The pictures are beautiful. They make the ladies gorgeous and the man very handsome.These pictures are making me anxious for 23 of September first episode of season 6.

  17. Oh My Goodness! They are so beautiful, especially the happy couple!

  18. Nigel Wright says:

    They all look great we in the UK have a longer wait till we get to see series 6, although I might check up on the spoilers after the 23rd so I know Kate’s answer as I can’t wait that long, I am sure it will be worth the wait though, take care and best wishes


  19. Mery Charlotte says:

    They are perfect!!! Nathan and Stana are so so beautiful, Stana´s smile can light a room. Can´t wait for the season premiere , this hiatus is killing me

  20. I was so very very disappointed when Castle was cancelled….and now so very very HAPPY that this very super great show is
    coming back ! ! !…. can’t wait ! !

  21. sofia Frankfurt says:

    Omg :0 stana your smileyy……I love you smiley stana and lainie, too. And rayn I wont meet you !!! ▲<3

  22. Awwww :) Stanaa <33 Castle seasone 6 :)

  23. sofia Frankfurt says:

    Stana your smiley Light really a room . <3

  24. These pics are so cute, adorable, hot.
    Best shots ever.
    Just can’t wait for them on screen this season! :D <3

  25. Awe I love Stana’s smile and how the 1st two pictures look like prom pictures