Setting the Trend


  • The tag this week is #TellHimYouLoveHim There will be a new word each episode
  • Don’t Tweet Before 9:00PM Eastern
  • Only Use 1 hashtag #
  • Talk about Castle

You may be wondering “why bother trying to trend?”

The main benefit of Twitter’s Trending Topics is it gets people’s attention.  The idea in our case is to get the attention of people who haven’t discovered Castle yet (or have not been interested in watching in the past). When people see something new on the Twitter Trending Topics list they wonder what it’s about, this is why it’s important to make your tweets relevant.

The primary difficulty with “Castle” as a trending topic is that it’s a very common word in use every day in a way that has nothing to do with the TV series and fans talk about Castle on Twitter A LOT!  One of the things that Twitter’s secret algorithm hones in on when determining what makes a topic “trend worthy” is that it’s something that people talk about suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere.  In the past fans have tried various campaigns but in spreading the word to other fans on what word to use it’s possible they’re actually working against the cause because they introduce the trending word to Twitter slowly over a period of many hours.

With this in mind we’ve decided the best way to launch a coordinated effort is by keeping the information off  Twitter itself.

So, we’d like to have as many fans as possible hit Twitter tonight 1 hour before the new episode “The Limey” airs on the East Coast. The word we will use is “#TellHimYouLoveHim (There will be a new word each episode). Based on a scene shown in the promo for this episode where Beckett asks Lanie if she should tell Castle how she feels.

We’ve decided to take a leaf out of the Fringe fan book for our Twtitter campaign this week and selected a topic that appeals beyond the Castle Fandom in hopes that other people will see the tag and use it themselves even if they’re not sure of the relationship with Castle.  Given the broad nature of the tag we suggest that you do include the word “Castle” in your tweet but do NOT hashtag it! This is very important because Twitter will ignore tweets with more than one tag.  Twitter will also ignore any tweets from private twitter accounts so if your account is private you might consider temporarily changing it during the twitter campaign.

PLEASE Take Note of These Points

  1. Do NOT use the hashtag too soon. Remember, it needs to hit Twitter suddenly at 9:00pm Eastern (which is 8:00 central & 6:00 Pacific)
  2. Do NOT use multiple hashtags in the same tweet just use #TellHimYouLoveHim once per tweet.  That’s one single time per tweet with NO other # tags in that tweet.
  3. Variety is the spice of life… and of Twitter Trends.  It is important that as many people as possible use the hashtag #TellHimYouLoveHim. Having 500 individual people tweet once is much more important to the Twitter trending algorithm than having 5 people use the tag 100 times each.
  4. Retweets work to. Once 9:00 ET hits, feel free to do a twitter search on the hashtag #TellHimYouLoveHim and if you find tweets that interest you feel free to retweet them.
  5. It’s best if you actually talk about the subject you’re referring to in your tweet.  Avoid  just sticking #TellHimYouLoveHim on the end of random tweets.
  6. Private accounts are ignored so consider making your account public for the duration of the campaign.
  7. Point people to this webpage for information on what word to use or repost this information to your own blog, tumblr etc but remember it’s important to keep the hashtag OFF Twitter until 9:00 Eastern.

A useful site for monitoring popular Twitter activity is (type the words you’re monitoring into the “show trends” box) This site does NOT show you the actual topics that make it to the official Twitter trend list but it’s useful to gage how much people are talking about Castle, the hashtag we’re using (in this case #TellHimYouLoveHim ) and other topics that are on the official trending list.  You’ll see by monitoring on that people do talk about Castle a lot, often more than the topics that do make it onto the trending topic list.

If you see our tag trending on Twitter in your location please take a screenshot (Google it if you’re not sure how) and post it for us to see.

UPDATE: Despite a bunch of people tweeting the tag all day Castle fans put in a fantastic effort and we got the tag to trend EVERYWHERE!  In the US and Worldwide #TellHimYouLoveHim stayed in the trending topics for approximately an hour.

Just some of the places we caught the trend. Click to Enlarge



  1. Luvagoo says

    I was going to say, the lovely Fringe fandom has this down to an art, talk to them 😀

    …d’you know when 9.30pm US is in Australian EST? :( Esp with daylight savings just changed I get v confused…

    • oznute says

      Australia East Coast is currently 14 hours ahead so 9.30 Monday night in the US is 11.30 am Tuesday morning in Australia’s East.

      I’m currently in NJ and I have the times down so I don’t call home in the middle of the night!

      The 16 hour difference happens when Aussies are on Savings and the US on Standard.

      • Luvagoo says

        You’re right – thank you very much. And I’ll do both hashtagged and non-hashtagged “Tell Him You Love Him!”

        I love the tag by the way, so good on ya Admin if (and I presume) it’s yours :)

  2. says

    I sometimes wonder if the Fringe folk started out using my info that I typed up a couple of years back and revamped late last year so it’s kinda funny going full circle and integrating one of their ideas into our campaign.

  3. Mary Charlotte says

    i´m from Argentina, and i´ll do it tonight, get Castle to world trending is the best show ever! they deserve all the awards and spotlight in the world

  4. Justi says

    Let’s do it!! The best show ever has to be the trend on twitter, I’ll make sure 😀

  5. oznute says

    Laura said

    I believe that Sydney is 16 hours ahead of the US East Coast.

    9.30 PM Monday night, US east coast Daylight Savings Time is 11.30 AM Tuesday Australian east coast Daylight Standard Time. That is what the 2 countries are currently on. The current time difference is Australia East is 14 hours ahead. I am currently in the US and know the time differences to call home. The 16 hour difference happens when Australia is on Savings time and the US is not. Hope this helps! wave

  6. says

    Just to give you a heads up if you try to trend something with the # it’ll take longer. Whenever the Potter fandom tries to trend something on Twitter they take the hashtag off as it’ll trend 10x faster.

    I hope #TellHimYouLoveHim trends though 😀

  7. musiclover says

    Admin I’m confused first I saw your trend and and I’m seeing a second on Twitter someone told me tellhimyoulovehim had been tweeted a lot and wouldn’t work or something so do we still use tellhimyoulovehim ?

  8. says

    Ignore the second one.. some people are being stupid. the word is #tellhimyoulovehim it would have been MORE effective if people hadn’t started tweeting it right away but I think it can still work way more people than NOT haven’t tweeted it yet.

  9. Georgette C says

    I don’t think I’ll be able to be on Twitter and watch this fine show at the same time. No joke. I will try though.

  10. says

    Updated the post with a bunch of places we caught a screencap of trending. some places trended for an hour or so.

  11. Leftfield says

    Wow, an hour?  That’s fantastic.  I don’t twitter, so thanks and congrates to everyone who made it happen.