The Future of Castle

Castle Renewed for Season 3

Castle has been renewed for a 3rd Season due to begin in September 2010.  It is always a good idea to continue to show your support for the show by contacting ABC and other suggestions below.

Always stay positive.  Enthusiasm for something you enjoy tends to be contagious and attracts the  interest others.

How to Contact ABC

Letters of support for Castle can be mailed to:

Castle ABC Inc
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

Emails can be sent via:

Messages can be left by phone

To save you some time we’ve verified the numbers you have to press to get through all the steps of the automated phone system, you do not need to listen to the entire message before pressing the number for the next step, this means the whole process should take less than a minute making it very easy for everyone to try. Dial the phone number 1-818-460-7477 (within the USA) to get the “Audience information department”

  • Press 1 for “ABC television network”
  • Press 2 for “leave comment”
  • Presss 2 for “prime time shows”
  • Enter 226 for “Castle”

You can leave a recorded 30 second message

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Buy the DVDs & Books

This one is very important, this shows directly that ABC can make money from the show.  Season 1 is now available on DVD and Richard Castle’s novel “Heat Wave” is also available.

Watch on Hulu / ABC site

You can watch the episodes of Castle on Hulu or through the Full Episode Viewer on the ABC website.  Number of views through these services can be tracked and are taken into consideration for overall success of the show so even if you’ve already seen the episode try and find some time to watch it again in the week after it airs.

Buy the Episodes on iTunes

You can buy individual episodes from iTunes usually a day after they are broadcast.  You can also subscribe to the entire season.  We recommend this option if you’re in a position to take advantage of it because it shows your long term commitment to the series.

Spread the Word

Tell everyone you know how great Castle is and encourage them to watch, let them borrow your Season 1 DVDs and point them to Hulu or iTunes to catch up on Season 2. If you use forums, blogs or have a website we would encourage you to consider using one of our banners (or make your own) to help others discover Castle.  You will find our our

03/23/10 Update: This week’s episode of Castle reached an all new high in the ratings with nearly 13 million viewers and a rating share of 3.6 smashing previous numbers and also beating new episodes of CSI:Miami & Law & Order to take the top spot for the hour.  Castle is also one of trending searches on both Yahoo & Google which is a very encouraging sign.

01/27/10 Update: Today ABC ordered two more episodes of Castle for season 2 bringing the season total up to 24.  Read more here

01/12/10 Update: Today during the Television Critics Association Press Tour ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson expressed his positive opinion of the show.  A second Nikki Heat novel was also formally announced and is due to be released in September (one year on from the release of Heat Wave and the beginning of Season 2).  Read more about the TCA news here

01/10/10 Update: We’ve had a lot of people coming to us recently concerned that they’ve read that Castle may be cancelled.  This is not the case.  Castle has been doing well gaining new viewers every week and even the reruns aired during January have been rating well.  ABC has continued to show great support of Castle since the beginning of season 1.

While the news is looking very positive for the future of Castle it is very important for fans to continue to support the show.  Keep spreading the word to family, friends, co-workers etc about what a fantastic series Castle is and be sure to let the ABC know how much you’re enjoying the episodes.  Some suggestions of how you can continue to support Castle are outlined below.


  1. says

    I’m loving, loving this show! The chemistry between Beckett and Castle is amazing and the witty comments are a riot! It’s the only show that I consistently watch/Tivo. I truly can’t wait for Monday nights!

    The premier was everything that it was hyped to be and I loved it! Please bring more! I just got my hands on a copy of Heat Wave and hope to have it reviewed on my blog soon! I’m also trying to promote the show there!

  2. Lickerish says

    Castle rocks my crocs – and yes, I am wearing some at the moment. Anyway, I am loving how the season has started and can’t wait for more. I will be sure to send my comments to ABC in support of the show and buy the DVDs as soon as my financial aid comes through. Ah, the crux of being a poor college student. PS: Admin, how do I change my avatar? It won’t let me do anything when I open that window… Thanks.

  3. MichyGeary says

    Thanks for reposting. Let’s keep up the strong support for the show even when it’s not in trouble — to keep it from getting there again!

  4. says

    Love this show!!! Really hope it is successful. Like the tongue-in-cheek sexy repartee and good premise. The two leads are great and like the supporting cast too. Nathan Fillion looks so familiar — really cute. Like Stana Katic too. Hope they both have long careers!

  5. Neece says

    In Australia we haven’t got the new season yet but I can’t wait.

    Nathan is a superstar.I’ve been a fan of his since Firefly and I LOVE him in Castle.

    I hope this show runs for a long time cause I love it.

  6. Deb Strong says

    ABC – leave Castle on the air – this is one great show. The characters are strong, they play off each other so well and the premise is great. No other drama comes as close to keeping my attention for the full hour. This is my “must see” drama.

  7. Janet M. says

    This is the best show on TV, Nathan & Stana have such great chemistry together. The way he baits her and the expressions she makes especially with her eyes, are priceless. Monday nights show was the best by far. The mix of comedy, drama and crime, you have it all. I DVR it and watch it over and over and find something I missed everytime. Lainey, Esposito & Ryan make the show complete. This is must see TV. I can’t wait for next week.

  8. says

    I love Castle’s relationship with his daughter the most. Also I live for the little extras like BSTL and him mentioning One Life To Live or Browncoats.

  9. Bruce M. says

    …update….it seems as if my email to ABC might have worked because I got an automated email response. However, people still get the error message when they hit send (even though it does appear to send it), so that’s not good.


  10. says

    Neece. In Australia you can contact channel 7 and let them know you’re looking forward to season 2. Last I heard they were not scheduling season 2 of Castle and if they air it it will likely be 2010. You can let them know you’d like to see it as soon as possible.

    [AUSTRALIAN info only]

    Write to:
    Channel Seven Programming
    GPO BOX 4477

    Ph: (03) 9697 7777

  11. shellerinka says

    I went directly to – bottom of site says contact us. That link worked! Got email confirmation right away. SAVE CASTLE!

  12. JuneB says

    I just left a comment there as well and got a confirmation that e-mail was received and thanks for the comment. I hope they listen.

  13. Jazzcook says

    Love the show! The dialogue between Castle and Beckett is sexy, humorous and quite engaging. Castle’s mother and his daughter also add much to the show. It would be nice to see Beckett have a bit more of a social life. I think of the Russian mobster episode (nice outfit!) and the book signing she went to last episode(another nice getup) and it just seems like this is a lady who definitely has other interests. Keep up the good work, and thanx for the quality entertainment.

  14. Dorkmaster says

    First I watch it live (or rather during it’s first run) then I download it (legally!) on iTunes.

  15. David says

    I would buy the show in a heartbeat on blu-ray, but I’ve made the decision to not buy any more standard-def dvd’s. But I love the show. It’s easily the my favorite show on TV right now.

  16. Geraldine says

    Best show ever !! I really love it
    I love the chemistry between Nathan F and Stana K. they’re awesome together.
    The show reminds me a Moonlight. It was a great show too.

    The writers make a wonderful job I hope they will continue because the beginning of the season 2 is “extraordinary” and it will be more seasons : at least 3 more cos’ they will be 3 Nikki heat Book more (1 book/season).

    It’s my favorite show. Please don’t cancelled the show !!!

  17. Deborah says

    Love the show—it’s the only ABC show I watch! Also bought the DVD collection of season 1. Some shows I don’t mind watching more than once—after a long day, it’s kind of fun to kick back with a bowl of popcorn and watch a rerun you like! My usual fare is NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones….but Castle has definitely been added to my list.

  18. paul sabin says

    i watch this series in australia and love it,i’m buying the dvd’s when i can.
    best new series we’ve had here this year!!!

  19. AnneMarie says

    I love Nathan and of course that means I watch every show he is in. So Castle is one of my fav’s right now. I’m very glad it is back for this season and am hoping that with the format of the show there will be a multitude of stories to tell so the show will run for years to come.

  20. says

    Love Castle just finished watching the episode about the Bridemaids. The entire cast is wonderful. Love the scenes with Castle & family.

  21. Lynn says

    From Ontario Canada Love Love Love the show I hope it has a long long run Its funny, smart and has just enough edge. Its makes me look forward to Monday. The Chemistry between the whole cast is just great
    Thanks for giving our cold winter night a little more Heat (Nikki Heat) lol

  22. gina williams says

    I never miss an episode! Castle is the best. I hope to see a 3rd season. LUV U NATHAN, STANA, AND THE REST OF THE CAST AND CREW!!!!

  23. Shawn Cummings says

    I love this show. I never miss it. I have watched since day one, and even have the book, “Heat Wave”. I am looking forward to the next book, and whatever the writers have in store for Castle and Beckett.

    Thanks for keeping such a great show going.

  24. Trisha Cameron says

    I just want to say that I just got into watching Castle & I’m loving the show, I haven’t missed a show since I’ve started watching. I record them & then watch it. Keep it up. I’m watching all the way from British Columbia & just love it!!!!! Do you have books on the series? I would love to read & watch as well…. Keep up the great work..

    • says

      There is one Richard Castle book out “Heat Wave” they reference it in the series a few times and they’re working on the second Nikki Heat book now, it’ll be out in September

  25. Sandra says

    Oh my gosh, CASTLE is my favorite show ever. I love the entire cast and the storylines. Great suspense, humor, romance. Did not know about the show until the 2nd season, but have bought Season 1 on DVD to catch up. I love watching them over again. Don’t know why there aren’t more shows like this…only thing I hate is that it is on at 10pm EST and on Mondays! I can’t stand to NOT stay up and watch it, so I just end up sleepy the next day at work! ha.
    It is truly MUST SEE TV! I never miss an episode! ABC, don’t even THINK about cancelling this show!! Don’t change a thing! CASTLE ROCKS!

  26. Jill says

    Definately can’t wait for Season 2 to be complete and come out on DVD. I started watching the show when it aired in Summer and absolutely loved it!! Also started watching the second season this past fall, but I moved away to school now and don’t have cable! My mom bought the season 1 dvd’s for me and I have successfully gotten my roommates hooked :) Love love LOVE the shows guys. I love how there’s witty banter and serious relationships, without being overwhelming and exhausting. It’s a show that reminds one of the lighter side of life, even while dealing with a rather difficult edge of death. ‘Alexis’ makes me smile and ohhh ‘Martha’. Always a riot there. Great chemistry, great cast. Amazing show. Thanks so much :)

  27. Jenny says

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Now I look forward to mondays. The whole cast is great! I love what Castle and Beckett have, witty and hopes that something may happen between them. Please keep the show going. Just heard about the new book out and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Keep it up ABC!

  28. castlefan12 says

    I am addicted to this show. I love it so much! Watch it on tv, hulu, and bought some of the episodes on iTunes. Mondays are now my favorite day of the week. Loved the latest episodes. Glad to see Beckett and Castle’s relationship start to grow. I really want them to hook up. Can’t wait to see the new episode Monday. Sure hope this show airs for a long time!

  29. shantell says

    Finally a show with something to look forward to. Susan Sullivan is wonderful. Keep up the good work ABC , You have a hit with this one

  30. says

    I love castle! Abc did a great job! Don’t quit this show please! I love the fling going on between castle and beckitt and i hope they get together soon….. I watch castle on hulu, abc, and on tv. I am so addicted to this show it’s unreal!

  31. Dena says

    Castle is our favorite. We are spreading the word and now have our families trying to catch up on all the series. We don’t even watch a lot of t.v., but this is the one program that we make sure is on.

    Everything has been said above….we just don’t ever want it to end. Castle and Beckitt are the perfect pair….for entertaining us after a long day at the office.

  32. says

    I love Castle and Rick is soooooo cute!!!! Kate is awesome,she inspired me to want be a homicide detective,just like her and Lainey and I would be such good friends because we both see the chemistry between Rick and Kate even though she doen’t see it. Please keep Castle on the air,I love that show!!!!!!!!

    [Future wife of Nathan Fillion]

  33. Brittany says

    I love this show. When I saw advertisements of it I was interested. The Monday it came on, I watched it. Watched it ever since. What I love about it is the bantering between Beckett and Castle and Castle’s relationship with his daughter Alexis. The murder mysteries aren’t easy to solve. It’s not predictable. I like it when I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Great actors! I’d never seen either of the main actors before, but they’re wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  34. Mary Kay says

    For a long time, I watched sports and some syndicated sitcoms – until “Castle” hit the airwaves. Excellent show – great actors (already loved Nathan Fillion before this came out) and Stana Katic is perfect in her role. Where did she come from?!? Love that it’s entertaining without being offensive. Nice job, ABC – best show on (along with Avalanche hockey games.) Look forward to every Monday night with the DVR (I start watching a good 20 mins into the airing so I can skip the commercials and get to the next scene!) Nice touch with the relationship btwn Castle and his daughter. Make more new episodes – we can’t get enough!!!!

  35. says

    Great to see the season get extended! Definitely the best show I’ve seen since Firefly – I will be buying Season 2 when it’s released!

  36. Bonny Brazil says

    Love the show! At work there are lots of us who watch. We are working on getting a “Castle” group party and watch the show then chat. Right now some of us work too late to catch so we will have to record it and party on an off night. I have Season 1 and love to rewatch. DVR is season 2 and I rewatch them. Can’t wait for the new episodes. Glad to hear new ones have been OK’d.
    “Castle” Rocks

  37. Angela says

    Love, love, love this show!!!! It’s the only one my husband and I can’t wait to watch together. Got Heat Wave for Christmas and just ordered Season 1 DVDs. Can’t wait for the next book! If this show is cancelled any time soon, I’ll just give up on any last shred of belief that the network suits even care what the public wants. Hope to be watching this for a loooong time!!

  38. WOLFE says


  39. Marina says

    My family and friends all watch it.
    We really get excited on Tuesdays, which is when we can watch Castle in Spain. (Thank you iTunes) It is so refreshing to see something that everyone enjoys, where you can relate to the characters, laugh and feel for them.
    Please “The show must go on!!!!!”

    love from Europe!

  40. Tsurwolf says

    I been thinking about what the future of CASTLE might be.
    First: The network who has the show MUST know when they have a successful program when they see that it generates so much positive public comment. Therefore more seasons are more that just a possibility ( when you are on a good thing, stick to it, don’t fix what ain’t broke)
    Second: The other networks must also be aware of the runaway success and be pushing their writers/producers to come up with something that will mirror or rival the CASTLE show to get back their audience.
    This show is killing my 1TB hard drive ( at least the portion that has CASTLE on it )
    My favorite is still the pilot episode, that’s not to say the rest don’t get abused as well.
    As the waif said ” MORE PLEASE”

    Cheers TBBW

  41. Gino Giveti says

    It’s a great show! Hope that it will go on for many other seasons! Just continue like this abc!!

  42. Kristin says

    Thank you for a show I can watch that rivals my other favorite – NCIS! It is witty and wise, funny and family banter, professional and pertinent subjects of the time all done tastefully and intelligently. BRAVO to the writers! I loved Stana Katic as Simone Renoir with her hauntingly sexy singing and voice in The Librarian TV movie. But she has displayed her great talent in this portrayal of Kate against the indominable humour of Castle.

  43. gerri brincat says

    if you remove Joey, “One Life to Live” from my view, you have to know how valuable a property he is, …not to mention the chemistry that you have created,…tivo and keep watching, and looking for more, …great, grrreat show!

  44. Niels says

    Love the show..

    the only thing i’d like to see is Castle having more “friends” up his sleeve, the “i know a guy” thing. Just like in the first episodes.

    keep up te great work

  45. Maria says

    Yes, I echo Kristin, very much. My husband and I are new Castle viewers and we too, love NCIS, and we’re so glad we found another show that is interesting and is classy and different from other police procedurals. I hope it will not be cancelled any time soon. I believe more and more people will like it, like us, late in the game. We record reruns too, just to catch up.

  46. Nicholas Lopes says

    This show has its own unique flavor, everyone is an excellent actor, and its the script-writing and humor, and not the drama and action, that makes the show so strong. I never watch tv except for this show and one or two others, and my family and I watch it together. We love Castle and Beckett, and the auxiliary characters are just as strong as the leads. Keep this show on air.

  47. Bree says

    i just wanted to say Castle is the best show ever. i love watching it. i love all the characters in it and i love the humor within the show. i love all the actors and the make it enjoyable to watch. i also love the book Heat Wave, loved it so much i’m rereading it again!

    Castle forever!

  48. Donna says

    My teenage daughter and I love Castle…and LOVE Nathan Fillion. We were big fans of Firefly and turned to Castle specifically to see him. Please keep it on the air.

  49. alison says

    Absolutely LOVE Castle! Please continue this show and move it to an earlier time slot for Eastern Canada. It’s a wonderful Prime Time quality series.

  50. susan says

    I don’t like murder mysteries. I don’t like network shows. Usually! Castle is my secret indulgence. It’s well written, acted & directed. I love guessing the culprit. I’m more than middle aged but can’t wait to see them kiss (etc) but not too soon because the tension is marvelous. Let ‘Castle’ live!

  51. chris says

    My husband and I are Big NCIS fans, and have been for years! This show has our attention and is the best thing on Mondays nights! We love it and the intrigue, romance, and comical flirtatious manner of Castle is really cute. This is not just a chick kind of show or my hubby would not like it. Keep it on, it’s worthe it!!! This show reminds me of the old duo shows of the 80’s like Scare Crow and Mrs King or it’s rival Remington Steele, which were both huge sucesses!!

  52. W Kim Turner says

    One way to get more support for the show would be to let the Canadain viewers watch on the computer. We love the show here but sometimes you need to catch up and ABC wont let it out for Canada. Don’t know way but we watch here too. Just a little thought for ABC

  53. Mel says

    I absolutely LOVE this show! I started watching because I’ve been a big fan of Nathan Fillion’s for a while. I watched him on Two Guys and a Girl and Firefly. I was so happy he was back with a new show. The plot usually keeps me guessing, and if not, I always love Castle’s witty banter with Beckett. Hopefully more seasons are to come!

  54. Amy says

    I just happened upon Castle one Monday night after watching The Bachelor. What an awesome find!! I LOVE this show!! Absolutely can’t wait until next Monday night!

  55. says

    Thanks to Kate for a fabulus new line in my vocabulary…”Shut the front door!”. And what a great delivery.

  56. Katie says

    I absolutely love this show. The dialogue is brilliant and the characters have a chemistry that you can’t find anywhere else. I can’t wait until next week!

  57. Karen says

    I too happened upon Castle last year, it was near the end of the season. I was hooked and had to wait until the next season. It was hard but found some re-runs here and there to keep me going! Love the show, and hope it has a long TV run!

  58. Kim says

    Please don’t tell me you killed Detective Beckett off the 03/23/10 episode. I absolutely love this show and the chemistry between Beckett and Castle.

  59. Tracey says

    Um, there was no new Law & Order SVU last night (3/23/10)… SVU is on Wednesdays @ 10 pm and there will be a new ep on this Wednesday (3/24/10). You might want to check your update. I am a huge SVU and Castle fans (they are so alike and so different at the same time!). Great leads, terrific chemistry between the leads, good cast, crime show, good writing… I’m glad they are not opposite each other! Wouldn’t know which to watch. SVU was my first love, and now I’ve added Castle to my regular TV habits!

  60. Bill says

    The show is awesome! I love it, just got the book and I love how the show refrences the book. I hope it keeps going. And I love how the lead actors are both Canadian. Keep up the good work.

  61. Tanner says

    Wondering where this show is produced, watched last nights show and the Scenes at Grand Central Terminal and Central Park Carosel are obvious not the real palces.

    Other than that this is a great show I just hope the “relationship” between Castle and Beckett stays at a distance for a few more seasons. Its sort of like Moonlighting once they “hooked up” the show lost its spark.

  62. Rebecca says

    I agree with Kim, “Please don’t tell me you killed Detective Beckett off the 03/23/10 episode. I absolutely love this show and the chemistry between Beckett and Castle.” It just won’t be the same without her!

  63. Tom says

    You can’t kill off Beckett, she’s one of the main reasons I watch this show. It’s been really good so far, just don’t get too sapy with the characters, it loses its appeal. The dialog moves well and the witty humor is a nice touch. Do not kill off Stana!!

  64. Dianne says

    I thoroughly enjoy this show. Nathan Fillion is as cute as they come. I remember him from Desperate Housewives but didn’t see the comedic side of him then. He & Stana Katic work well together. I hope the show lasts a long time. I have to agree with previous posters that when Rick & Kate finally get together (and we all know they will) that probably will pretty much end the show, if history of other shows is any indicator. I do have 1 thing that I thought was a little unrealistic about the bombing of Kate’s apt. I just can’t see how a bomb that did that much damage wouldn’t have caused injury, even if she did dive for the bathtub. Not that I wanted to see Kate hurt or killed on the show but it just didn’t seem to ring true to me. Maybe it was just me.

  65. Shannon says

    I love Castle. I have not been this excited over a TV show since Designing Women!!! Love, Love, Love this show.

  66. JD says

    I just watched the season finale and i HATED the ending. And unless my mind drastically changes i will never watch Castle again. EVER!