Special Limited Edition Print

UPDATE:  The poster is now available to order. Click Here.

From the first day Castle aired we've had a flood of inquiries about one thing more than anything else.  We were getting emails every week and eventually I had to post information on the contact page of the site to try and limit the number of times I had to respond to the same question.  Thankfully the Castle Art Department were able to provide me with some details and I posted them on the forums where everyone could find them.  Since then the emails slowed down but we still get inquiries on a regular basis... What about you ask?  The Staircase photograph in Castle's office!

Many fans were disappointed to hear that while they could purchase a copy of the piece "Paris Staircase, Down View" from the Voila! Art for the Modern Eye gallery in Los Angeles, it came with a price tag 0f $5000 (for the size seen in Castle's office) putting it out of the reach of most.

Well... thanks to voila!, artist William Curtis Rolf has agreed to a limited edition of 500 posters for you to buy!  The staircase poster will measures 27" by 39" and sales will be exclusively through the voila! Gallery and start December 1st at 134 USD each.  Shipping within the US: 25 USD (Fedex).

International fans will be able to purchase the print also and shipping costs will be calculated on the site.  Payments will be through Paypal.

To Sum up:

  • What: Limited Edition Staircase Poster
  • When: December 1st, 2010 - 8am PST
  • Where: voila! gallery
  • How Much: $134 (USD) + postage
  • Questions? Call the Gallery on(323) 954 0418 or via info@voilagallery.com

Thanks to Katrien from voila! for working hard to make this available to Castle fans.


  1. Chelsea Corto says

    This is absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait until I get mine, and then I want to buy one for every single one of my friends who are as big a fan of the show as I am!

  2. Ashley Tobler says

    They need something like this available in Canada!! There’s fans over here too! LOL…I love love love that picture and really want to get a poster of it to frame and hang up in my house! Any ideas where I could find one resonably priced in Canada? ( I live in BC)

    • says

      Ashley – you can buy it even if you are international. Postage details will be provided on the site. It’s a limited edition exclusive to the gallery so won’t be available anywhere else.

  3. Clarity says

    How wonderful, I’ll be lining up to pick up a copy. You will remind us….won’t you? Please, please? LOL :)

  4. Xleste says

    I asked the gallery if I could order one in advance and they were great about it! Thanks so much for letting us know about it, I’ve been drooling after that for ages!

  5. marie says

    Thank you CAstletv.net. I will be putting it on my xmas wish list and making a really big sign about the DEC. 1st available limited edition. It is an awesome peice no matter if you like Castle or not. It has great potential for any house, office, apartment. Thanks again.

  6. Nev827 says

    I took your advice, Admin, and asked Santa to bring me the poster for Christmas! I just couldn’t resist it.

  7. says

    Just bought my print from Voila Gallery! At the gallery, they have the large version (probably the same size as the one on the show) on display. It is BEAUTIFUL! Will post a pic when it comes back from the frame shop!

  8. CastleFan says

    I just ordered a copy of this print. Can anyone else who has ordered it post a photo of how they had it framed?

    • says

      I’m having trouble finding a frame to fit mine but I’m in a small town so will have to look next time I’m in the city. I will likely go with a simple black wood frame about 2″ thick – the railings on the staircase are black so it’ll work well though a dark brown would also work.

      • CastleFan says

        Are you going to use glass in the frame? I can’t quite tell from the episodes where the staircase print is shown whether there’s glass there or not. The print is on the UPS truck for delivery as I type this!

        • says

          hello there

          We use two types of mouldings for this poster: one is black, one is white. the white one brings out the poster very nicely! I strongly advice to use plexi in stead of glass. when glass brakes, it damages the print. plexi is fine and in best case scenario, ask your framer to use a spacer that seperates the poster from the plexi. Good luck! Just know that voila! offers a white molding option + plexi + mounting for 134 as well. (I know, its the price of the poster itself), but we do an archival job that will make your poster last. Shipping outside LA would become a bit costly. For that size poster, framed, to anywhere you are looking at another 50 USD on top of the regular shipping cost. So, if you decide not to have it framed by voila! this is what we advise:
          – archival mounting, so the poster lasts
          – plexi glass: regular will do in most cases. DO not put your poster in direct sunlight though!
          – we love this poster with a white moulding around it, black can do as well
          – ask your framer to keep the poster away from the plexi glass by using a spacer
          OR: choose a warm white mat to go around the poster. This way you also enlarge the size of the artwork. A three inch mat all around would look great.

          Let me know if any further questions
          And enjoy !


          • CastleFan says

            I wish I would have known about that framing price before I bought my print. I would have likely gone for that, but the print tube has already arrived. I’m getting price quotes in the midwest for $400-$500 and using a description of what I want pulled right off of this recommendation. The glass (museum glass) alone is more in these quotes than Voila is suggesting they would charge for the entire framing job (before shipping).

            I can’t hang prints on the walls of my office, so I found a really nice easel from Restoration Hardware that I can place on my file cabinets to display my Castle print in a dignified manner.

            I’ve yet to come across anyone (apart from a Castle forum like this) who can recall what type of artwork hangs behind Castle’s desk. I come across plenty of people who watch the show, but none that can place the print. A lot of people comment on the print, but they can’t place where they’ve seen it.

  9. Sandra Graham says

    I have just started watching the Castle series and have fallin for the staircase picture in Castle’s home office. I understand there was a one time deal back in 2010. I was wondering if any such a deal will be available again?