Spoiler: @AndrewWMarlowe Discusses Tonight’s Episode

GiveMeMyRemote spoke with Castle creator Andrew Marlowe about tonight’s episode

How has Castle and Beckett being together impacted how you’re able to work cases into the show? Tonight’s episode takes place in the Hamptons, for instance…
Andrew Marlowe: Yes, the episode in the Hamptons, that should be fun. A lot of really good stuff in that. That episode is called “Murder, He Wrote,” and the reason it’s called that is because it’s a little nod to MURDER SHE WROTE. They go out to have a nice relaxing vacation in the Hamptons and a case stumbles into their backyard, literally, when they’re about to take a little night swim in the pool. Somebody staggers up, having just been shot, and collapses in the pool. And in MURDER SHE WROTE, the cases were always coming to her. That’s something that hasn’t really happened in CASTLE in our first 85 episodes, but when they’re out in the Hamptons…they land smack dab in the middle of a case when they’re just trying to get away for the weekend and wild hijinks ensue. And by the way, they need some help from New York to solve the case, but nobody from the precinct knows they’re together, so they have to hide that.

That’s a bit troublesome since that means they’ll be lying to cops. Obviously, the New York cops are their coworkers, but it’s not a good start.
AM: That’s right. It’s fun.

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  1. Ali, Sr. says

    CASTLE has been an unexpected gift from “the universe”. It is composed of crazy smart & gifted people – cast & crew. The chemistry between Nathan & Stana, spontaneous combustion. Suddenly you fall hook, line & sinker in love with everything CASTLE. There are viewers of all ages & from all over the world who waited 4 years for that first kiss in ALWAYS – and they were not disappointed :)
    Now we have a different scenario – CASKETT – and we love these characters. Treat them well & they will take us to heaven & back. Why the negativity about a couple living happily ever after? We don’t want perfect, just freedom from preconceived ideas. Changing with the times is a good thing – limiting the definition of good is not. The critics rave about MODERN FAMILY & we have an insight into a different lifestyle. Why are we so adamant about a young couple in love? Are we so limited by the Moonlighting Curse that we close our eyes to the possibility of MAGIC?
    We make choices every day & love is a choice. Make that choice – CASTLE IS A GIFT BESTOWED ON ALL OF US & THIS ONLY HAPPENS ONCE IN A BLUE MOON…SERIOUSLY :) :) :)

    • ro wallen says

      You are so right,the CASTLE camp is a family and the show shows it,so much talent on all counts.And I ,for one,belive in Magic and every episode is a treasure, and why not happily ever after?,there are so many copycat shows that miss what CASTLE is about,it is a love story, with all the ups and downs, it’s what makes it fun to watch. Andrew Marlowe found all the right in a world where wrongs happen everyday and made it work, not just Nathan and Stana who are wonderful at bringing the love to life, but all the writers and crew who bring it all together. You are so right that this only happens once and I am greatful that I am here to share it with those who love ,care and understand CASTLES true meaning.

  2. JoAnn big castle fan says

    I am elated with the news of an other episode. ABC thank you! I have said many times that this is one of the very few shows that you can actualy watch with a family and not be embarrassed with the content. Taking this season to a new level has given so much new freshness in the show. I feel that A.M. is doing it the right way. Nice and easy. I agree about the three little words. I think that they are so over used in our society today. There are so many other ways to express love and castle and beckett do it every time they are together. Eye contact, meaningful glances.support,trust , friendship, I could go on and on. And who will ever forget that handshake!!! That was the most sexual jesture i ever seen without doing the deed. That said I think this is a good thing for our youth to see. There is more than one way to show love. The mere fact that she totally gave herself to castle after 4 years of struggling with her emotions and by her own admission, not a one night stand and one and done girl is proof to me that she has said I love you time and time again. There are alot of life lessons you can learn from this show, you just have to fill in the blanks. The chemistry between Nathan and Stana is none like I have ever seen in my 50+years. I would love to see these two on the big screen together.Maybe Niki Heat the movie!!!