Spoiler: Another Guest Star Announced

TVGuide announced another guest star that will appear in the new season of Castle.  Check it out below.

"24" Season 7 Finale Screening and Panel Discussion24 alum Glenn Morshower has been tapped to guest-star in the second episode of Castle's new season, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

Morshower will play Michael Reed, a former general who will stop at nothing to protect the secrets of his past. With Reed's military connection, could he be involved in Washington, where Beckett (Stana Katic) was offered a job in the Season 5 finale?

Morshower, who recurred on 24 as Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce, most recently had a multi-episode arc on NBC'sRevolution.

Check out the full article on TVGuide.


  1. Samantha says

    The casting spoilers for season 6 have been a lot! Been watching since s1;ep1 so I’ll be here for season 6 but all these [casting spoilers as well] spoilers don’t have me overly excited, I must be honest.

  2. Jeff says

    It will be interesting to see how the story arc of the Washington job goes. I think Senator Bracken will somehow be involved.

    • Penny says

      I agree Jeff!! The ole saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” surely applies to the “good Senator”. And I don’t think it will take long for Beckett to see that, if of course she accepts the job. That’s a whole nuther story!

  3. GR says

    Got to say, I’m pretty much going into overload with all the new cast members being announced. We’ve got Lisa Edelstein, Morshower, the new detective that Beckett is working with in DC (his name slips my mind right now), the Brad Parker reporter charcter, Alexis’s new boyfriend and … am I missing anyone else? I don’t think we know how long these characters are going to be around (recurring?), but my hope is that they don’t detract too much from the characters that we’ve “grown up” with on Castle so far!

    • Penny says

      Oh I most certainly agree with you!!! Well, we know Lisa’s character will be around for maybe 3 episodes, not sure about “PI” (Alexis new boyfriend, but what happened to Max, whom we never met?) not sure about this “Sully” character.
      While I don’t mind the one episode guest appearance, I dislike the idea of characters hanging around taking time away (ie scenes, story lines etc) from the core cast! Like you said, these are the ones we tune in week after week, season after season to watch.

  4. Penny says

    You know I “Still ” cant wrap my head around the idea of the last two episodes of S5. I mean to tell you, here Castle refuses to leave Beckett while she stands on a bomb and in the very next episode she’s keeping secrets. That’s just not logical….

    • GR says

      Penny, I agree. I still can’t make sense of it. I mean, here’s Castle proving that he’s willing to die with her and yet she’s still so insecure that she keeps THAT big of a secret from him? That she’s afraid to talk with him about it? Maybe it’s got something to do with writer continuity, I don’t know, but it doesn’t ring true. Maybe someone elase has a good explanation?

      By the way, the other two new cast members that I forgot were Yancey Arias (first 2 episodes) and Jocko Sims, the detective working with Beckett in DC, who I get the feeling will be a recurring character.

      I haven’t heard anything about Nathan Fillion. With all the news seemingly focused on Beckett’s decision, DC career and other new cast announcements I’m wondering what the writers have planned for Castle himself.

  5. Penny says

    Yeah, I don’t know what the writers were thinking…… especially after she just told the man who stayed with her to the very end while she stood on a bomb “I love You” …. seriously…. Would have made better sense if E23,24 were before “STILL” not after.

    I haven’t heard any news since Comic Con about Nathan, but the writers need to remember the show is called CASTLE; maybe they should start unpeeling the layers of Castle and his past. Or even some story lines from the books. I like them alot!

  6. Monika says

    I totally agree with you. First I was so happy when season 6 was announced. But if they make too many changes, it might not be the ‘castle’ anymore we all love. I think the secret of success was the combination of humor, crime and of course the relationships between the characters. Please don’t change too much!!

    • GR says

      I think the 20th rated show is from an overall perspective. I read somewhere just this past week that Castle is the #1 “drama” (yes, this rating put it in the drama category) show on ABC. So I think that’s even better news. I agree with you 66% on your assessment f the last 3 shows. I really liked “Still”, the last two shows not very much. On the engagement questiion I think most everyone now assumes it’s a done deal (“yes”). I’ve got to admit that after I saw the S5 finale I would have taken almost any bet that Beckett would have taken the DC job but turned down Castle, at least for the time being.

  7. steven says

    Penny, “Still ” would have been before “Squab” it was switched around because of bombing in Boston.

    • Penny says

      Steven, Rick and I spoke about the order of the episodes and how they were rearranged because of the events in Boston; “47 seconds” would have had more impact than “Still” in that respect. I think “Squab” should have been before “Still” and that “Still” could have easily been the season finale for me, with and extra “I love you” after the “Ok kiss the man” from Gates. But as it turns out, it is just Illogical to me that Beckett would keep secrets after “Still”; before that episode I could understand better, not after.

  8. Steven says

    Penny, one person is behind all this. AWM. He`s Mr. everything to this show. Making some changes is fine this is a joke. He said something like adding some muscle to the show. Lets wait & see what happens. First S6 x O1 Kate says “YES”.

  9. Steven says

    Penny, a couple other things. They could be throwing all these new cast members out to confuse us. Those photos @ the swings were real, AWM said dream sequence most fans don`t believe that. Saw that video about Alexis new boyfriend, he said Castle was in DC w/his fiancé. That was taken off a web site right away. I feel that was real to. Castle fans know Kate will marry Rick. AWM & Co. doesn`t like it.

  10. Penny says

    Well I am certain of one thing Steven, if AWM and associates want to frustrate the Loyal Castle Fans, they are doing one fine job with all these so called cast changes, episode arc’s, plot twists, etc!

    But so we stick with what we know to be true, that despite their efforts to keep it secret is that Kate say YES to Castle. Love those long range lenses! Just wish I could personally thank the person who shot those photos and posted for all to see!

    • steven says

      Penny, it`s me again. Do you know what is funny we know the names of episodes 2 & 3 for season 6, why not episode 1 yet ? Season 4 finale was ” ALWAYS” fans knew what was going to happen w/Rick & Kate. Maybe when they do release it in a few weeks same thing will happen.

      • Penny says

        Hi Steven, I was having “withdrawal symptoms” not chatting with my Castle-buddies! LOL! I saw the two new articles here too, with the promo video, said to watch closely because there is a new scene from S6ep1? I’m a little skeptical.
        And you’re right, I haven’t seen anything regarding the title of the season premier. I agree as soon as they release the title, it will confirm to every loyal Castle fan what we all believe will happen. If I had to name it I’d call it “For Ever After”; but that’s just me. I’d think by this time (a month since filming started) they should be into filming episode 5, and they powers that be will be releasing more promos and guest appearances to promote the show soon. I can’t wait! I’ve now watched the entire series for the 5 th time starting at season one.

        42 days and counting!