Spoiler: Caskett Wedding

TVLine released new spoilers on the upcoming Castle wedding.  Check it out below.

Will Castle and Kate will get married mid-season or at the end Season 6? –Russell
Ha, nice try with the trick question. You know that show boss Andrew Marlowe refuses to confirm that vows will be exchanged this season. But if we are heading for a wedding, here’s how Nathan Fillion would like to see it play out. “I am, myself, not a huge fan of the big church wedding with everybody in stuffy suits,” he told me. “I’m a fan of the beach wedding, with everybody in linen. And if it meant an episode [filmed] in a tropical location, then that would be great, too.” (P.S. I could totally get behind this tropical wedding shoot, especially if I’m invited along to cover it.)

For the full spoiler article check out TVLine.


  1. JaneHillenbrand says

    Great year for ‘US’ and the Castle series- a wedding. Not only that but an engagement, wedding and ?baby? (In 6 10 ‘The good , the bad and the baby’.

    Here is my take – Once Kate and Rick take care of a ‘baby’ in this episode, and have the option (possibly) to adapt the baby, a quick trip to the Mayor’s office to elope and be ‘Legal’ in the eyes of the NYS Social Services.

    The BIG Wedding will come later- this year- on a beach with a ‘surprise’ that Kate is pregnant-with twins, therefore confirming “Doyle’s” conversation, in last weeks episode.

    What ever..we love the Castle.

  2. Alicia says

    Yes! Please continue the story telling, I have no idea what I would look forward to every Monday night without this show! :-)

  3. JRB says

    Man, this season had a rushed feeling to start with ,but has progressively gotten better with each episode. I think that there will be a wedding in the future, but Kate is enjoying being engaged and Castle is just having a good time telling everyone that she is his fiancee. I expect there will be a lot of things to work thru between the two of them before the date is even set. There will probably even be some pitfalls in there too. It took 8 seasons for B&B on Bones to get married and 6 for M&D on GA and look what happened in between!! I would like nothing better than to see Caskett married and happy like B&B! I also think that all of those “predictions” in the last episode were put there to throw us off. Would it be nice tho! I do have to say, I am not going to miss seeing Pi. There is more to the relationship with him and Alexis, but he needed to be out of that house and Alexis needs to see what it is like to have to pay rent, buy groceries, pay utilities, work and go to school. She can do it but may find that having a boyfriend who is a moocher is harder without Dad’s money! I love Monday night’s!!

  4. amy says

    As it mentions in the episode ” Time to kill” says that Beckett and Castle are having three kids, they should hurry up and get married. I hoping in mid season but they can take their sweet time in the engagement. There is no rush

  5. GR says

    For me there’s no rush for them to get married. I think that there’s still a whole lot of fun, interesting, things that the writers could mine in a longer engagement. The first few episodes did seem rushed but I can understand it – there’s a lot of things they had to do to get the show situated back in NYC. I think they’re still in the final stages of that with getting the main characters back and involved again. It feels like the show is getting back into its’ stride.

  6. Glenda Shearman says

    Hmmm. I think the house in the Hamptons would be nice, but so would a tropical one. Either way, we know that they are headed there and I’m anxious to see it Whenever it happens. But I am also loving watching their engagement and all trials it will bring with it. I hope to see Kate bonding? or forming close relationship. We didn’t get to see too much of it, but I am assuming Alexis bonded to a degree with Lanie by working at the morgue. She really hasn’t spent any time with Kate and I’m looking forward to seeing some of that, which, I think we will begin to with the next episode. Is it Monday, yet?