Spoiler: Castle’s first look at 100th episode

NATHAN FILLIONSandra Gonzales from Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV had a chance to talk with Nathan Fillion about the 100th episode of Castle “The Lives of Others”.  Nathan dished few spoilers about the episode:

“He’s not bed ridden but certainly apartment-ridden,” says Nathan Fillion, who calls the hour one of the show’s classic, lighter-toned episodes. “He’s two weeks into being incapacitated, and it’s all he can do just to stay sane. [Then] he witnesses a murder across the street, and he’s having a hell of a time convincing everyone he’s not just stir crazy and seeing what he wants to see.”

What else Nathan said about the coming episode? Find it out from the full article in InsideTV


  1. Lou Slattery says

    OK, so the 100th episode airs on April Fools Day. (in the US, anyway)
    Is this a joke or what??!!