Spoiler: Johanna Beckett Murder

Got any other teases about the new season of Castle? — Diane

ADAM: You know how creator Andrew W. Marlowe said Beckett’s mother’s murder would definitely be solved this season? Well, we’ll meet a couple of new faces in the Season 5 premiere, who, because of some heated conflict with Beckett, we can only assume are suspects in the case. One problem: They are slightly more important than a few crooked NYPD cops — one is a senator and the other is… the vice president! Somebody get Deep Throat on the line!

Source: Tv Guide


    • tunawonder says

      Agreed. That’s like giving EVERYTHING away. Though the writers could probably come up with twists that aren’t just limited to the scope of such an identity, I’m suggesting that you put on a bigger warning sign for any tweets containing the link of this page.
      Who gave this tidbit out anyways? This really is over the top spoiling.

      • Marie says

        I agree with you tunawonder… I think we could have done without knowing this! IMO. It’s a big deal, a senator & especially the VP. I would have preferred to have been surprised.

        Spoiler are good, and I look forward to them, but some of them are way to revealing & I find myself dissapointed at times. I know I don’t have to watch the spoilers, but if they are there I just cannot help it!

        With all that said, I love this show and it’s going to be a great premier and an outstanding S5. Can’t wait!