Spoiler: Johanna Beckett Murder

Got any other teases about the new season of Castle? — Diane

ADAM: You know how creator Andrew W. Marlowe said Beckett's mother's murder would definitely be solved this season? Well, we'll meet a couple of new faces in the Season 5 premiere, who, because of some heated conflict with Beckett, we can only assume are suspects in the case. One problem: They are slightly more important than a few crooked NYPD cops -- one is a senator and the other is... the vice president! Somebody get Deep Throat on the line!

Source: Tv Guide

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22 years old. Am in love with the Castle-Beckett's playful Relationship. Love Stana and Nathan. BY far my favorite TV show and couple.


  1. Honey Apostos says:

    That’s not a spoiler. That’s a nail biter.

    • tunawonder says:

      Agreed. That’s like giving EVERYTHING away. Though the writers could probably come up with twists that aren’t just limited to the scope of such an identity, I’m suggesting that you put on a bigger warning sign for any tweets containing the link of this page.
      Who gave this tidbit out anyways? This really is over the top spoiling.

      • I agree with you tunawonder… I think we could have done without knowing this! IMO. It’s a big deal, a senator & especially the VP. I would have preferred to have been surprised.

        Spoiler are good, and I look forward to them, but some of them are way to revealing & I find myself dissapointed at times. I know I don’t have to watch the spoilers, but if they are there I just cannot help it!

        With all that said, I love this show and it’s going to be a great premier and an outstanding S5. Can’t wait!