SPOILER: More Big News on the Castle Season 5 Two Parter

Adam from TVGuide has some new information on the upcoming two parter due to air in February.

…I’ll let Jon Huertas share some more secrets. “Something crazy that I think people will be just so blown away by is that we’re going to work with an FBI agent. That never happens,” a cheeky Huertas says with a laugh. In all seriousness, the case, which involves the kidnapping of a Middle Eastern businessman’s daughter, will be truly international. “It takes part of the team out of the country to Europe, which is something we’ve never done,” Huertas says. Unfortunately, don’t expect a romantic night out in Paris for Beckett and Castle, the latter of which will find his life in danger. “This two-parter is very scary for the team,” Huertas says.

Source: tvguide.com


  1. yeoman says

    sounds interesting! But in following many fans, we all feel that since some of Castle’s writers changed this season the stories have been disappointing. And especially the interplay between Beckett and Castle. where is the great love story AM spoke about. The fUN and teasing is gone. Where is the interplay between the leads? So I am not surprised that Castle and Beckett won’t have a romantic evening in Paris

    • castlelover says

      I agree! I love the show and look forward to it every week, but I am wondering the same thing! The flirtatious banter is gone. These two should be stealing kisses in the elevator, and dying to get off work so they can get their hands on each other! I don’t want the very thing that made me fall in love with this show disappear and just get left to my imagination. I love the crime solving, but get the romance and the cute and adorable Castle back into the mix!

  2. Linda Kolesnikow says

    I agree. I want more interaction between the two of them. The teasing, the inuendo, the sly glances.the stolen kisses and hugs etc. Get on with it writers. The stories are great, but the love is more important.

  3. Claudia says

    So true, the reason I fell in love with the show was the two leads which sets them apart from all the other crime shows on TV. I really don’t know why the writers changed the format these last few episodes. They will loose fans over this!! If I want to see a great crime show I’d watch Person of Interest.

  4. CarlagUK says

    Oh dear! Here we go again. Not enough Castle and Beckett moments. It really irritates me. Don’t get me wrong I love that they are together and have truly enjoyed watching their relationship develop this season but sorry, we don’t need to see it in every episode. The season is barely half way through. Give it time.

    Andrew Marlowe gave the fans what they wanted this year but it still isn’t enough for some and I feel that is grossly unfair. It is after all a Crime Drama and that is why I started watching it in the first place. The poor guy can’t do right for doing wrong with some fans and it’s not on.

    I am a fan of this show because of its genre and yes, the romance between its two central characters has played a huge part in the shows growth and has been wonderful to watch. I am sure there will be more of that as we progress and I look forward to seeing their relationship develop, but it really isn’t necessary to see it every week, especially now the relationship is established.

    At the end of the day the question is. Are you a fan of the show itself, or are you just ‘Caskett’ shippers? I know which I am. Keep it coming Mr Marlowe

    • littleMel45 says

      I am a Big Caskett Fan. However, I am first and foremost a Castle TV show fan. I agree, this is a Crime Drama. I enjoy all parts of this show. My favorite was the “poker games” Castle had, but things change with the times and so we adjust and grow with the show and its characters. If that makes any sense. Let me just say I’m a fan, unconditionally.

      • CarlagUK says

        Me too. Most definitely. I like to go wherever the show and its characters takes me. In my opinion that is exactly what a fan should be.

  5. CastleShipper58 says

    I hope that AWM and the writers read this forum as well as a lot of other opinions out there in other forums and sources. I’m a big, fan, yes, like all of us, but I agree with the majority who believe that the show has lost its’ spark.The stories have been blah, and the interactions between Castle and Beckett just eh (exception of Murder He Wrote and Probable Cause, which I loved.)

    And taking Alexis down the ‘I’m 18 and I can do whatever I want even if it’s stupid’ story line is a recipe for disaster (which I recognize might be their goal.) It seems like Castle’s ‘I’m the world’s best dad’ trait is coming back to bite him. Just don’t like to see bratty, ungrateful kids on TV or anywhere else. I don’t need, or want, them falling all over each other, but a little more fun interaction would definitely bring me back. I’ve actually found myself checking email and unloading the dishwasher during the last two episodes, which would have been unheard of last season. Losing key writers has really hurt, and while we all know things will turn out in the end, it would be a lot more fun getting there if the team could recapture the magic.

  6. claireexp626 says

    I agree with most of the previous comments about that little spark between Castle & Beckett being a bit hit and miss this series and can’t wait for it to return – the stolen moments, the meaningful looks, etc. The other big bug I have is that as a fan in the UK and having to rely on iTunes to get my weekly Castle fix I find it REALLY annoying when we get a couple of weeks of Castle and then suddenly nothing for 2 weeks. Last Autumn we had the much awaited start of Series 5 for a couple of episodes, then nothing, another couple of episodes, then the Christmas break of a month, a couple of episodes and again another break this week. I can understand the break for Christmas as everything gets put on hold or rearranged in the UK but why have breaks now? I am a huge fan and my family is getting annoyed at my constant moaning but life without Castle … NEVER. Please stop torturing us UK fans.

  7. plainWayne says

    After having watched so many crime shows, IE Ncis, etc. it is refreshing to see the way Kate and Rick interact with each other. They get cases solved and at the same time put just enough of their personal lives into the show. I would like to see a little more of their personal time together, poor Rick deserves the time with her if nothing else.

  8. Phillip 07 says

    It’s been suggested that fans who have been vocal in their discontent over the lack of on-screen chemistry these last few episodes have been reading too much Rated M for Mature fanfic and won’t settle for anything short of Castle & Beckett French kissing in front of Capt. Gates. I submit that the writers can find a middle ground between crimesolving and keeping the ‘ship viable. I would never wish to see CASTLE descend to the level of a Shonda Rhimes series where smart people do stupid things because they can’t keep their libidos in check. But honestly, what is wrong with Rick and Kate kicking back with a glass of Chablis, or Kate shaking Rick awake at 3 AM because she’s just had one of those “I know who the killer is!” epiphanies? We don’t need to see them Doing It every Monday night, but we do need to see them as a couple in a committed relationship. Friends whom I’ve encouraged to watch CASTLE tuned into “Under the Influence” and “Death Gone Crazy” and told me afterward “these two are supposed to be hot for each other? Sorry, I’m not seeing it.”

    As far as being an unconditional fan…I have been a Classic STAR TREK follower since adolescence, but even I have to admit most of the third season was unwatchable. (Two words: “Spock’s Brain”) Same for MIAMI VICE, which was never able to recreate the magic of its first season and over the course of the next four years spiraled downward into a weekly exercise in disillusion and despair. Bottom line: one can love a television series without putting one’s critical judgement aside.

  9. castlelover says

    I have never read any of the fan fiction posts. I don’t really want to. I’m content to watch the show, or use my own imagination. However, as much as I love the show, after four years of flirting and extended teasing/foreplay that made us love the show, and these two characters, it’s inconsistent to abandon the formula now. I don’t need sex scenes, I just want the daily interaction between Rick and Kate to be realistic. They’re finally together, but they haven’t had complete personality changes! Let’s see the playfulness, the flirty banter. They’re in a new, loving relationship, not dead! The first few episodes had more evidence that they were together, but if I was a new viewer, I wouldn’t have picked up on that in the last two . I love watching the earlier seasons on TNT, and I don’t miss a single new episode on ABC. But if you want the fan base to grow, stick with what’s worked in seasons 1-4…a great blend of crime solving and the personal relationships of the characters. Only now, add the wonderful potential of exploring new territory with Rick and Kate’s relationship. It’s the elephant in the room…don’t try to sweep it under the rug. Have fun with it, and let us enjoy it!

    • CarlagUK says

      I really don’t think their relationship is being ‘swept under the rug’ it is an ember being slowly but positively fanned into life. From Castle’s point of view he has fallen deeply for a very complex individual and doesn’t want to mess it up. Kate is not one of his bimbos who would be happy with sexual gratification and his wealth alone. This relationship is extremely serious for her as well and she too, is treading carefully. The last two episodes are the only ones where there has been little or no reference to their relationship and surely we can live with that. We have 11 more episodes of this season to go and I am sure we will see Castle and Kate’s relationship develop as we progress. What we really need are some good and gritty storylines along the way to help it along.

      • says

        carlagUK, I agree with your comments. I too thought that the relationship was becoming a little stale but, then I saw this great video on you tube from season 5. After watching it and seeing all the scenes together, there were alot of Caskett moments. Trouble is we just can’t get enough of those two.

        • CarlagUK says

          JoAnn, I do understand you know and I am sure there will be lots of relationship moments to come. Just try and be patient. Everything comes to he/she who waits. Enjoy the journey.

  10. Whoopiee says

    Okay I am finally glad that Beckett and Castle have finally gotten together. But are they going to explore the Javier and Lanie thing again? The Christmas episode kinda left you thinking that Lanie wasn’t completely against the whole idea. Did she open a door for later interaction with them? I think they were kinda cute together

  11. L says

    I think Castle got more action when he was single. I love the crime stuff, but like most the rest of the posts, we waited 4 years for them to get together, we should at least see one ep where they go off and just have a great time being a fun couple. After all they didn’t have much problem showing Castle and his ex having a fun romp. And I’m not saying it has to be detailed, but I thought there would be a lot more new lovers playful moments. That being said…..this is still my favorite show of all time cause I just love this couple!