Spoiler: Nathan on Castle’s Proposal

Matt Mitovich, from TVLine, had a chance, recently, to talk to Nathan Fillion about his thoughts on Castle's proposal.  Here is a peek at what Nathan had to say.

“It was important to me not to spoil it, not to telegraph where it’s going,” Fillion says of his alter ego’s approach. After all, he points out, “This is probably one of the more grown-up things Castle has done since becoming a father — and even in being a father, he’s not very grown-up about it. [But] fatherhood happens to you; making a choice to be with someone for the rest of your life, that doesn’t just happen. That is an adult choice you have to make. That is some growing up you have to do. So I wanted to treat it as though it was a serious thing for Castle.”

“We did that last day of shooting on a Thursday. Friday, I came in and did some looping … and then left town immediately [to] work in Canada,” he reports. As such, he maintained, “I have no idea, not a one. I’ve not had one email, not one discussion, not a phone call about where things are going, what’s going to happen. So I can’t even spoil anything by accident!”

For the full article check out TVLine.


  1. Cloyee Smith says

    OMG!!! I am such a Castle fan! Castle comes on almost everyday of the week except for Fridays on TNT. I don’t care if I have seen them 20 times, I’m going to see them 20 more. And itf it doesn’t come on, then I watch it ON DEMAND….I absolutely adore this show. It has the Best Actors, the Best Writers, the Best Producers and Directors of any of the shows that I care to watch on TV. I am saving up so that I can buy the entire series since the beginning. Whomever came up with this idea is genius!!! Such depth and character in both Beckett and Castle, love Javi and Ryan…what else can I say, I just adore this show! I hate to miss even the repeats!!! Sometimes, my DVR is packed just in case I miss something.

    Kudo’s to the writers, and the entire crew of Castle, starting with Nathan, Stana, Jon, Deamus, well all of them. Please…………don’t stop doing what you are doing. I really love the chemistry between Kate and Rick ….sometimes his facial expressiohns and the way a scene ends is pricelsss and I laugh out loud, all by myself. Bravo…continue …PLEASE…with Castle!

    A very HAPPY FAN…………Cloyee Smith

  2. Honey Apostos says

    If Nathan doesn’t know what is going to happen he can’t tell. Good man. :)

  3. kim says

    I love this show it is so well written and i can’t wait till the fall season,beckett say yes ,if not castle woo her,romance her let her know you are her love.

  4. Steven says

    I feel Kate will say yes. But before she does they will both say how they really feel about each other. Not just a few words either. Castle serious look to a smile & Kate`s scared look also to a smile.

  5. cbg144 says

    Nathan is true actor .Even if he knows which I do believe he has no idea what the writers are writing ,he would never revile what will happen. I sure hope the writers makes Kate saying yes.She now knows where Castle is going and reviles his love and commitment to her.I can not wait until September 24.Well I guess I can wait . It is two months that is a long time.

  6. bockylyn says

    You can’t have the 12th without Beckett no way I think they will start out with some flash backs the Ring thing and the job and all will be back at the 12th will she say yes will she take the job and not like it and quit? all this in the flash backs. She would look cute back at the 12th with the Ring on all that makes for happy fans!! I think this will be close to it!!!