Spoiler: Nathan on Season 6

Matt Mitovich of TVLine answered fan questions in this week’s Matt’s Inside Line.  Check out what he teased from his conversation with Nathan.

I take any scoop you have for Castle. — M.F.
I give scoop for Castle! In speaking with TVLine about the season-ending proposal, Nathan Fillion said that while he has no idea what’s ahead (and truly, conspiracy theorists, it seems he doesn’t), he “absolutely” is looking forward to what Andrew W. Marlowe has teased is a “complicated” Season 6. “That’s one of the things that Andrew has done very well, in that it’s very realistic that two people who really ought to be together maybe don’t see it. Or the timing isn’t right,” the actor said. “These are things that happen in real life. That life gets complicated. That it can never be easy. This is something, I think, that we can all relate to. It’s a truth in that everyone is comfortable with.”

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  1. Steven says

    I wonder has anyone ever asked Nathan what he thinks about ” CASKETT” ? Stana loves it. Looking back @ Season 5 as far as, I remember most of the kissing scenes Stana kissed Nathan, he just stood their. Castle season 5 finished the 20th rated show for the season. For a series going into its 6th season that’s great. I would think fans love seeing these two together. What ever AWM has planned for season 6 it should include keeping ” CASKETT” together & married by season end.

    • leeann says

      I totally agree with you. Season 6 should begin with acceptance of his proposal and finish with a beautiful wedding. and lots of interesting and intriguing -not to mention weird- cases in between. I love this show.

  2. Alana says

    Not picking a fight, just my opinion:
    I don’t have any idea what Nathan thinks about “Caskett” privately, but before Season 5 he voiced concern about the “moonlighting curse”. That’s been proven wrong, since most fans seem very happy to see them together.

    I may be weird, but I feel strange about peering too closely into Castle & Beckett’s sex life. I probably wouldn’t feel that way if they’d started out all over each other… I really enjoyed the slapstick lovemaking scene with Castle’s ex-wife, Meredith. But if it gets too intimate… well, they’re very well-drawn characters, and it just feels like a breach of privacy. Yes, I think that actually does make me fall into the ‘weird’ category, but I think the writers and cast are sensitive to it as well. I’ve never acted in a love scene, but that kind of exposure, not just for one movie but on a repeat basis, must be very difficult, no matter what relationship Nathan & Stana have on and/or off the set. (I have no illusions that they are romantically involved in any way, but if they were, it’s their business. Period.)

    I’m hoping for a long, complicated, messy engagement, some murders, a resolution to the serial killer issue, a Martha-focused episode, the unmitigated horror of shopping for bridesmaid dresses, tenderness, hilarity, wit, passion, Ryan and Jenny’s baby (ooh…. adventures in babysitting…!) and cool gadgets. And I’m guessing the season finale will have an actual wedding.

    Doesn’t really matter, I trust the writers and I’m in it for the ride. 😀

    • Steven says

      Alana, I`m not trying to find out what Nathan thinks privately about ” Caskett ” or about their sex lives at all. Just now after Season 5 is he on board w/it. Before getting hooked on Castle, I`ve never seen him before on any movies or TV series. Could it be his strength is what we saw in Seasons 1 thru 4 & not the romantic leading man in Season 5. I`m not picking a fight either. Take care.

    • leeann says

      I think that both Nathan and Stana are professional actors, that have chemistry with each other that they bring to the screen. I don’t think they have a relationship outside of this show, but Alana you’re right if they do it is their business. I think most of the fans only think about what they bring to the screen. And I personally don’t like a lot of sex in my movies, or shows and this show has just enough for me, it is tasteful and well-written. I don’t think we have to worry about any curses that had befallen other shows, this is Castle and this show stands alone. The cast and crew and everyone involved with are it the best. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to season 6, it should be interesting and intriguing and I hope we have a yes to the proposal. Can’t wait til September

    • Honey Apostos says

      Isn’t that fairly common for Season Finales Birth, death, weddings or some kind of disaster and you don’t know who is alive or dead? I hope they stay away from a Season Finale Wedding. Let’s do it in a way that is worthy of the name: Castle. There is an unexpected death at the wedding and the ceremony cannot take place until it is solved. Explore superstitions and traditions which will they follow and which they aren’t worried about. The groom seeing the bride in her gown before the wedding, the changing of the last name, etc…

  3. Pamela_J. says

    I actually do NOT think she will answer with an out right “yes”. I think it will be more along the lines of “Rick, I love you. I know you love me. But put that ring away, your’re not ready. I’m not ready. We’re NOT there yet…” I think she will also tell him that she isn’t going any where. That they have more ground to cover TOGETHER. I think she may also soften the blow with “One day you will ask again, and I WILL say ‘yes’ at that time, but now is not the time.” He will know he hasn’t lost her. And in the end that is all that counts. Right?

  4. Alie says

    I think his “anti-shipper” attitude has changed over time. In no way is he a super-shipper like Stana, but just a year ago he was quoted as saying, “These two are in it to win it.” His initial attitude may have bean a self-preservation act because “Firefly” had just been axed and of course he wants to be employed. “Castle” progressed, as well as the relationship, and ratings increased therefore he may have come to the conclusion that the “moonlighting” curse is just crap. However, I don’t think he’s about flowers and butterflies, so Marlowe and Co have to find a balance between a lil angst and happy times. Too much angst will just cause viewers to give up hope, but too much flowers and butterflies can become boring. So as he said, “They’re in it too win it”, there will just be a few bumps in the road.

  5. dirkstd says

    I would like for them to stay together and go through the rough times. Not to split up. Every show on TV does that and that is not rea life. I think that is part of the attraction of this show. I know Nathan thought bringing them together would sour the attraction of this show. However, after seeing the strongest ratings for this show this past season, he is on board. In Andrew, he trusts. I did not see the proposal coming but I enjoyed it. I have no idea how it will play out but it is fun to speculate. I think an engagement this year would be great but I think this show has one more season left in it and a wedding this year would be too soon. I think that should happen the last season. I love the romance, the relationships, and the fun of this show. It has it all. I’m truely invested in all these characters. I think Stana has evolved into a wonderful actress and should have a very bright future as a result of her work in this series. Come on September.

  6. Honey Apostos says

    I wasn’t planning on commenting on this post at all when I first read it. I found my mind kept coming back to it. So here is my two cents. I love this couple, these characters, I want them to have every happiness. WE all know true, forever and enduring love is not all hearts and flowers. It’s every day. When rocks, paper, scissors decides who is stopping at the store after work and who is taking the trash out to the curb. Which one has to get out of bed, make soup and get the medicine when both are down with the flu. How you walk away for a minute because the other person is driving you crazy right now and you just have an urge to smack them upside the head and ask them if they are thinking today or just winging it. It’s hugs, kisses, snuggles, caring, sharing, just plain silliness. It’s helping the other person get out of a tight spot even thought you told them six times NOT to do exactly what they did.
    These writers do a good job. They keep it real. Without the ridiculous soapy drama I run from. For that, I am truly grateful.

  7. says

    I love this show. I have watched all the seasons several times but still watch all the re-runs. I think Castle and Becket need to stay together. I don’t think the show would have the same feel if all the characters were not on it. How would they keep everyone as part of the show if Becket goes to Washington? This show has draa but with comedy mixed in. It just seems like shows lose ratings and then are canceled when there is too much change.

  8. Caskett says

    I’m thinking the season might take off with Beckett gently saying no to Castle but telling him that she still wants to give the relationship a chance and in the future if they continue, she’d say yes. I also think that it will probably begin with Beckett taking the job in the FBI and working a couple of cases only to realize how much she misses working with Esposito, Kevin, and the rest of her team. Not to mention the chemistry she has with Castle in working cases and the back-and-forth exchanges they have together that solve them. I think she’ll realize these things after a couple of episodes and she’ll end up back at the precinct working with the people she loves. I think the director helped set up the audience for what Beckett is feeling when the episode where Kate stepped on a bomb. It can’t be by accident that all of the highlights of her career at the precinct with Castle were brought up right at the end of the season. Plus, in the final episode, I don’t believe she was just sad about the fact that she was leaving Castle. I think she was also getting slightly emotional about leaving the precinct altogether. Even she called it her home and home is where the heart is. Whatever she does, she’ll come back. I guarantee it :)

    • Honey Apostos says

      That sounds pretty good. IMO, whether there is a wedding now or much later, Caskett will not be breaking up anytime soon.
      Kate may give the promotion a chance. I think she will find the new job puts her in a place she doesn’t want to be. She is in danger of becoming someone she doesn’t want to be. Like Senator Bracken. So she goes home.

  9. L says

    I agree that if a lot is changed, things could go sour. We love this whole group. A break up of everybody will not work. I think a short, take the job, but find out it’s not right and come back all within 2 or 3 episodes is what it will be, but hopefully not more. We like our couple and don’t want them separated. Castles childish quirks and Becketts hang ups are what make this relationship interesting, plus the strange crimes they work together on. I don’t think we need more than that! It’s a nice combination that has been working. There is a strength in each character in this show that pulls things together. It is a familiar, but interesting place to go each week.

  10. LoganBear says

    If the relationship isn’t strong enough to last with Kate away in D.C. then it would last anyway, I was a career marine, my wife and I held it together for 30 years of my career, and got stronger, same kind of dangers, and I’m sure Andrew doesn’t want to loose the success he has now, by cutting his own throat.,