Spoiler: New Guest Star Revealed

Entertainment Weekly revealed another guest star that will appear in the second episode.  Check out the casting news from Sandra Gonzalez.

Warren Christie won’t need special powers for his upcoming role on Castle, but they’d probably come in handy.

Christie, who last starred as hyperkinetic Cameron Hicks on Syfy’s Alphas, is set to guest star on the second episode of Castle‘s upcoming sixth season. He will play Brad Parker, a reporter with a penchant for uncovering stories that are deterimental to national security.

Christie, who was on Alphas until its cancellation in January, also recently made guest appearances on Arrowand King & Maxwell.

Castle, which will also welcome guest star Lisa Edelstein this season, returns for new episodes Sept. 23.

For the full article check out Entertainment Weekly.


  1. Penny says

    *Head still spinning with season 6 news; I’m just ok with guest appearances, it’s these 2-3 episode arc’s that leave me wondering and “scratching my head” with ideas of just what AWM and his writing staff are up to. But I’m a Castle Fan Forever, so no matter what happens, no matter what he decides ,I’ll be married to my television set on Monday nights, and the dvr it the rest of the week!