Spoiler: Relationship or Breakup?

I'm so excited for Castle, but I am so afraid the show will break them up soon. Got anything to make me feel better? — Erin

ADAM: Creator Andrew W. Marlowe promises there will be an "interesting honeymoon period," during which the new couple will feel each other out about how "real" the relationship is. (We said feel each other out, pervs.) But yes, there will be obstacles — most notably Capt. Gates and that little NYPD rule about partners not being romantically involved.

Source: TV Guide




  1. says

    Well if you already did not want Gates to the Castle District, let alone now that distract the detective.
    Let’s Gates, this heart melt this ice you XD

  2. Kel says

    I don’t know if I could handle it if they broke them up…If they do I think I would stop watching the show. So KEEP THEM TOGETHER ANDREW!

    • tshlw says

      I can’t see how he can for any length of time. Because why would Castle stay around if they break up and the show is about Castle working with Beckett to solve crimes. So unless change that premise have hard seeing them not together.

  3. tunawonder says

    “(We said feel each other out, pervs.)”

    Mmn yeah don’t worry we heard. That’s like god prompted kink meme number 2, following #katestattoo. Oh how I’m looking forwards to the upcoming fanfics.

  4. tshlw says

    How much do they need to feel each out to see if this is “real”. What a year of therapy for Kate to bring the wall down and Castle waiting a year for her isn’t enough to know this is “real”. I don’t want to see them acting like this is something casual and wondering if “real” or not. Way too much between them for that.

    Yeah hopefully fact he is a consultant and not a cop can get them around that rule.