Spoiler: Seamus Dever previews “The Wild Rover”

TVLine's Matt Mitovich had a chance to sit down and talk with Seamus Dever and Nathan Fillion about Monday night's episode "The Wild Rover".  Here's what they shared with TVLine.

When a man is found dead in an industrial cake mixer (was he battered?), the investigation leads Beckett & Co. to Siobhan O’Doul (Cara Buono, Mad Men) — a beautiful bar owner with whom Ryan has a complicated history from his days undercover with a Staten Island mob.

“She was basically Ryan’s girlfriend,” Dever tells TVLine, “so we get to see a lot of him making amends to her. There’s a lot of making up and doing the right thing for her, to help her out of the current situation.”

To that end, Ryan dusts off his old undercover persona, Fenton O’Connell, to delve back into the underworld of the Irish mob.

“You see Ryan immerse himself and play a different character, basically,” says Dever. “You’re going to realize that he’s not just that guy in a tie and sweater vest. He has a very dark past that gets to come out.”

“This episode features Seamus in a way that we have not been able to feature him before,” affirms series lead Nathan Fillion. “We’ve got all these wonderful, talented actors on this show, so to be able to take them out of their wheelhouse of what they’re usually doing and say, ‘This guy has a life outside of his cop-ness that we see all the time, he has history, he has other things going on,’ is very exciting.”

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