Spoiler: Season finale spoiler scoop

In it's recent photo gallery, TVGuide counted ABC's Castle as "Much-Watch Finale" of this year. With that, there also was a little bit of spoiler talk:

Unlike Castle's previous two season finales, this year's case, which involves a body found in a hotel water tank, has no direct connection to our heroes' personal lives. But the episode will still pack an emotional punch once Beckett drops a bombshell. "They face the biggest challenge to their relationship that we've seen so far," creator Andrew W. Marlowe says. "We find Castle and Beckett forced to confront the hard questions about what their relationship is based on and who they are. Questions start bubbling up, [like], 'Where are we going?'" And the answers could impact everyone at the precinct. "The finale could potentially change everyone's lives forever," Marlowe teases.

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    • says

      I Love Castle I’ve waited 5 years for this year.But I have a sick feeling they are going to break them up.I’m sure I not alone if I say Castle will soon be fanless,I know I will be finished

  1. Kim says

    I freakin’ love the Castle season finales because they never disappoint, but everything we fans go through to get to the final episode of the season is always gut wrenching. Especially when we get the above little teaser spoilers that make it that mucn more exciting and excruciating!! Then when the bombshell hits it’s even that much worse cause then we are left hanging for 3 months speculating on what the season premiere will bring..Andrew W. Marlowe you are slowly and deliberately trying to kill us aren’t you?!? 😉

    • CaskettMan says

      Oh I know what you mean. I love this show, I have this growing fear that they are going to try to break Beckett and Castle up after all those years of witty banter and sexual tension. I just caught on to this serise recently. Had never seen it until my brother and his wife showed it to me. I was hooked instantly and watched all previous seasons and have caught up to date in a matter of 2 weeks. it was a great two weeks 😉 I just pray they are going to make it tolerable but they should keep in mind I have survived two heart attacks already, I don’t need a third I’m with steven just below this comment. Castle is going to man up and ask her to marry him. I mean the guy cut the cord of his controller. I don’t care how rich he is to have and or buy more. That’s a HUGE STEP!!! especially for a guy like castle who is at his core very close to his inner child. haha. ahhhhh what I would give to be on a single episode. Hell, I would even go for being the bad guy that gets put away in the end lol. so yeah. give the people what they want ABC 😀 make it happy for them and us. They are a perfect team, you don’t mess with that . If it’s not broke, dont fix it 😀

  2. Steven says

    Kate asked Castle the same thing,” Where are we going ?” At the end of episode 21. All relationships have questions like that. Kate wants to get married, Castle needs to understand shes nothing like his 2 ex-wifes. She loves him not his money or fame. No break-up Castle will ask her to marry him.

  3. Maria says

    I admit it….I’m obsessed and I confess that the direction causes me to feel anxious as well. I know Mr. Marlowe is very gifted but those shows where people breakup to make up leave me flat. When “Friends” was on, I eventually didn’t care about Ross and Rachel. Please, Mr Marlowe, don’t choose this path!!

  4. Maria says

    Also, how can Kate expect him to commit when she hasn’t told him she loves him? Castle probably doesn’t want to rush her. Plus, as Steven said, he’s been divorced twice so that would make anyone dating a “one and done” girl not want to rush things.

  5. Jason says

    I really hope that Caskett does NOT breakup. I would like to see something that shows them taking another step in their relationship….a proposal or moving in together. In the season 4 episode, 47 seconds, Castle told his mother that he wanted a future with Kate. That tells me he thinking marriage, so why would he change his mind now. Kate even appears to be ready for marriage. I don’t want a sad ending like season 2 and 3.

  6. Kathy1948 says

    I think Castle is afraid to jinx this relationship by marrying Kate, as much as he wants to have a future with her. Despite his playboy persona which he displayed between marriages and where he went to hide his insecurities and pain, Castle is the marrying kind. He wants the stability of a marriage and the commitment. He has had bad luck in that department. He and Meredith were young and hadn’t known each other very long before they married and had Alexis. They were both immature and self centered, but it was Castle who stepped up to the plate to parent their child and he has done a wonderful job. His marriage to Gina, his publisher, was more of a business arrangement. Clearly there was no burning passion in that marriage and it was inevitable that a “business partnership” does not make a marriage so that failed. I think knowing Kate has made Rick a better man, a more mature man, a more patient man. Anyone who would go through what he did for 4 years to break down those walls and finally win this woman’s love is not afraid of commitment. But Castle is also superstitious and may feel that he is somehow cursed when it comes to marriage and therefore is letting Kate dictate the pace and direction of the relationship. I still think that the “bombshell” that will rock the 12th precinct and test Caskett is going to be a job offer with the FBI and may require that Beckett move, but definitely would put an end to their crime solving partnership which is the engine that drives their passion. What are they without that partnership in solving crimes that bring them to a spiritual and sometimes sexually charged orgasm? What would it be like if Beckett went off to work and could not share anything with Castle because it was “classified”. Is there enough there in their relationship without that element in it? Serious questions that need to be addressed.

    • DWarnapura says

      Bingo !! I think u r spot on… And i also think she’ll definitely change her mind about joining the FBI because there won’t be a Caskett if the 2 are separated…. And these two are Meant for each other… Can’t wait till the 13th of May .

      • Kathy1948 says

        I have confidence that Kate and Rick will eventually come to their senses and synchronize, but right now they are out of sync which happens in relationships. Each individual progresses at a different rate. Some times you are trying to catch up and sometimes you are waiting for your partner to catch up, but with real love, you never leave the other behind. What they have is unique and extraordinary. One does not discard that for a job or the bumps in the road that every relationship struggles through. It is a marathon, not a sprint and so far it has been one hell of a race.

  7. Vane says

    I think either way I goes Marlowe will kill us all in some manner. I don’t think he will break the two up, but if he does he has a reason. Maybe he wants them to see I they break up no matter how many others they date they will still want to be together, and then they’ll get bak together again and we the fandom shall be happy once again. It’s all about keeping the suspense/excitement going. I honestly don’t hunk either is ready for something a bug as marriage. Castle doesn’t have a great history and Kate, well, Kate has her job and she is still uncertain of everything. I just beg you Marlowe, don’t end it with a whisper, end it with a bang!

  8. degunther says

    Castle fans it looks like we are in for a great finally!
    In EP22, where both our heroes behaved badly, Castle for not being attentive and taking Kate for granted. Kate committed probably the more grievous offense by committing a breach in Trust by demonstrating that she can be receptive to advances made by the opposite sex. The EP ended with Kate starting to question where the relationship is going. I am OK with this, because it is by self-evaluation, understand, and action do we grow as individuals and as couples in our relationships, but the questions must be asked.
    In EP23, as I understand the spoiler, Kate is introduced to the idea that she is wasted on the NYPD. She could do more and become recognized nation-wide if she would join the Bureau, heady stuff. I am assuming, because of the bombshell to be dropped in EP24, that our heroes have not worked on their relationship and it has deteriorated some more, at least in Kate’s mind.
    In EP24, an event (already published in the fan space) that meets AM’s description of life changing would be Kate’s announcement that she is leaving the force to pursue a career in the FBI and this would be her finale case.
    In this fan’s opinion the only person that can prevent this from becoming a reality is Castle. Castle must confront Kate. This cannot be a reasoned discussion. This must be a true heart-to-heart talk; his words and actions must penetrate and overwhelm the Fortress that is around Kate’s heart. He must win her heart and force her to recognize their love. He must confirm that he loves the hauntingly beautiful, stubborn, compassionate, wonderfully extraordinary Woman that is also his muse and he does not want her to leave. He must reveal that he wants to Always be with her and make a life with her as husband and wife. But first he must know that she truly loves him and that this is just not another meaningless relationship. And only then can he ask her to join him on their magically journey.
    In order for Castle to succeed Kate’s inner fortress must be breached. She must come to see that life without love is sterile and can be soul destroying. She must be given the insight that when her wall is breached that she can love. She must experience the indescribable feeling of knowing that she is loved and does love. And finally she must have the courage to risk her heart by giving it to another and letting him know it.
    So here we sit in anticipation, wondering how our Master Writers in a mere 40+ minutes (and in the context of solving a crime) will give Castle the motivation to act out of character and confront Kate armed with the realization that if he does not act he will lose Kate forever. Also we wonder how the case will help Kate find her heart and help her to develop the courage allowing her to share it with another.
    We trust our writing team to pull this, making it difficult for us along the way, but ending in a place we accept and wait comfortably for Season 6. As a fan I hope that EP24 ends with our heroes definitely together, maybe some issues to resolve,

    • Steven says

      Degunther,I feel your right this is how it will play out. Very interesting @ the end of ep 21 PROMO for STILL was changed from the one they had before the bombing in Boston. New one shows Castle & Kate talking about how they were few yrs back, then statement A HINT OF THINGS TO COME. Castle & Kate hugging each other. She says to Castle,I think we just have started. Don`t remember a promo like that before. Maybe as you said breaching her inner fortess works for Castle. Lets hope for the best.

    • Caskett Fan says

      i totally agree with you and Marlowe has not failed us yet i have complete trust in him and the whole cast. my whole problem is how scared i am i cant seem to calm down, i want to see it but on the other hand i dont want to this is a dilemma. But i still have faith. Kate has told Rick that she loves him i just think they need time to talk about where they are and castle difinately need to man up

  9. cbg144 says

    I hope the show does not end that we (the fans ) are so sad and have a terrible summer hoping for a cheerful reunion.What bombshell are they talking about? Kate announces she is pregnant. Castle has to face the reality of marriage again or Kate refuse to marry?Kate decides to move on.Or becomes a workaholic and has no more time in the day for Castle.
    Hope Castle realize what he is losing . I know ,most man have no clue what they should do when it come to loving their partner.They do not ask!
    Mr. Marlowe please do not make us suffer all summer.We need love in this world and they (Kate and Castle )reflects what everyone in this world wants happiness and love.

  10. oldadylay says

    Well…………All of the above…Even Castle’s mother told him nothing was in stone as he hadn’t put a ring on her finger…Castle chose to by pass the issue, once again. He likes what he has, it’s evident and until he feels he’s in HUGE jepardy of losing Kate, forever, I can’t see the engagement. He has not maned up enough, it appears…Kate, on the other hand, has not had the opportunity in the episodes, so far, to confess her love for him other that the one time she said she loves him for his creative abilities for solving the crimes with her (when dressed to “kill” before they went to dinner). We need to have a solid story line here. She’s crazy about him and says so and he’ll react with the engagement she’s been waiting for. Something creative but private and romantic…not abstract or out there…And PLEASE DON’T throw in a pregnancy before all this…even a scare of one. It would commonize (if that’s a word) the whole relationship they have. Let it flow and be fun and loving.