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When the ABC drama resumes Season 5 this Monday at 10/9c — and in addition to the well-promoted “Three’s a crowd” hullabaloo with Rick, Kate and Meredith — General Hospital vet Grahn plays Samantha Voss Peterman, a wealthy divorcee caught in a “War of the Roses”-like struggle with her “jackhole” of an ex. When Samantha’s underperforming divorce attorney turns up dead, she fields a few questions from Beckett and Castle, all while wielding a mean carpet knife.

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Deep Fried Twinkie is back!

Significant Others © 2013 American Broadcasting Companies Inc (9)With Alexis sick, her mother decides now would be a good time to visit — and as such, she ends up staying at Castle’s place when Beckett is also there (due to B’s apartment renovations). As you can imagine, things are going to get a bit difficult for a certain ruggedly handsome author.

Meredith has been away for quite a bit of time, and I think a number of fans were wondering when she’d pop back up again. How did things end up happening now?
Darby Stanchfield: I was wondering, too! Andrew Marlowe, the creator of [CASTLE], once I was back shooting the episode, he popped by the set and he said, “I’ve been watching you cause all kinds of trouble on SCANDAL and thought of you.” [Laughs] I think it kind of jogged his memory, like, sure, let’s get her back! I was just delighted when they brought Meredith back because it’s truly a super fun character to play. She’s such a troublemaker and so different than Abby, so it was fun to jump in that skin.

What kind of trouble can you tease will be following Meredith this time around?
DS: [Laughs] Well, one thing that describes this episode is that Alexis comes down with mono and Meredith shows up to take care of her daughter. There’s one thing I can tell you and that’s Meredith definitely has a secret agenda that has nothing to do with her daughter. And it involves bright lipstick and a pair of panties.

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You were only on one episode of Castle Season 1, but Meredith certainly made a strong impression on fans.
I really noticed that with Twitter. I cannot believe how much the fans love to hate Meredith, the deep fried Twinkie. I love it. It's so fun to play this character and yeah, even though it was one episode it definitely made a big impression. I think probably all of that wild sex with Castle and just being such a naughty woman and going in there and sort of marking her territory in the precinct. Calling Castle "Kitten" and all of that. It's too fun

What was it like to be back on the Castle set after all of this time and how have things changed behind the scenes since season one?
Well, Molly (Quinn, Alexis Castle) has grown about a foot. I saw her at the TCA's a couple of years ago when we came out with Scandal. But I forgot how tall they all are on Castle. I'm one of the taller ones on Scandal. But in terms of my dynamic with them, not much has changed. I really love all of those actors. I've actually worked with Nathan and Stana and Molly before on different projects, all separate from Castle. I've known them professionally for years, so it's always fun to act with them. They're great. They're a super welcoming group. Yeah, we had a good time.

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