Spoiler: Sneak Peeks for Monday’s New Castle Episode

Here's the sneak peeks you've been waiting nearly 3 weeks for!

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  1. Derwisch says:

    The Sneak Peek 2 is a killer! ROFL

  2. Honey Apostos says:

    I can’t believe Castle said “No”. He must be really scared. LMAO

  3. Castle must be “crazy” No one would say no to Beckett, she is stunning, with that hint of wild.

  4. catluver aka Donna says:

    I read the cameraman said the “pole collision” was unscripted- in his words, ” all Nathan”. I am not surprised.

  5. I can (but rarely do) sit through an entire sitcom episode without laughing once, but these promos got me going.

    • I totally concur. Sitcoms tend to be stupid. I laughed out loud at these spoiler clips, too. I am so glad the show is bringing back the sexy-funny. Nathan can make the slap-stick work too. With Castle, it’s believable. He would do that.