Spoiler: Spoiler Buzz for Episodes “The Wild Rover” &100th Episode “The Lives of Others”

Zap2it gave new details from writer Andrew Marlowe on the 100th episode in their "Monday Kickstart":

"We really wanted an episode that really focused on our main characters. We've had a lot of big storytelling this spring," Marlowe told us at the 100th episode celebration on the show's set. "We wanted to do something that put the lens front and center on the Beckett-Castle relationship and the Beckett-Castle dynamic."

While TV Guide's Mega Buzz article gave a look into next week's episode "The While Rover":

When the team's murder investigation leads to an Irish crime family Ryan once infiltrated, he dusts off his old tough-guy persona (and clothes), which comes as a major shock to his colleagues. "He's mild-mannered and he's a family man. We always see him in the sweater vests and the ties," Seamus Dever jokes. But perhaps worse, Ryan has to reconnect with an old flame, which he can't tell his wife."

To find out what else Andrew and Seamus revealed about the coming episodes check out the full articles at Zap2it and TV Guide.