SPOILER: Stana Katic Talks About “The Answer”

“I know the answer, and I’m not telling you,” [Katic] teased EW last night at a gala sponsored by Women in Film. But while she couldn’t reveal any secrets, Katic said she was quite happy with the answer Beckett gives. “I think that her answer is the perfect one for the character and for the show,” she says. Moreover, she doesn’t feel like Castle jumped the gun with his question at all because even though they’ve only been officially dating about a year, “I think it has been long enough for a yes or no answer. I figure the intense situations they’ve gone through together has sped up their bond.”

Proposals aside, there are professional questions also lingering as Beckett still has a big D.C. job offer hanging over her head. Katic says she is in favor of Beckett’s possible relocation. “It’s New York City and D.C. It’s not that far,” she says. “It also helps that he is a millionaire and a writer, which he can do anywhere. So how rough is that? He can afford to hire a private plane or two on her days off.” In Katic’s view, Beckett “has worked really hard to get to this point in her career, and there is a part of me that feels like she shouldn’t have to give up success in her professional life to keep her relationship happy, and vice versa. In real life, woman balance family, relationships, and careers all the time. Why should Beckett be any different?” she says.

Source: EW


  1. Rainne says

    I would be much more concerned about the ‘maybes’ on this topic if I didn’t know that there’s no way a phenomenally successful show going into its sixth season dumps almost its entire cast and starts over completely with new people. No way on this green earth.

    • zucaro says

      I agree, the DC thing if it happens is like 2 episodes max. Also I think KB was not going to take the job, in Watershed . Plus Stana is a huge Caskett shipper , so all good signs. Nathan says in a interview they didnt tape the answer, but he may be blowing smoke as if he told people he knew, he was be asked about Castle verse Much to do about Nothing .

  2. Candy Punch says

    She has to say no to the job, if not what happens to the rest of the perfect cast that we have grown to love. Mom, daughter, the boys, Even Capt “Iron” Gates. the show would need only a wedding and be done. No, we are in for a long engagement with misunderstandings on everyone’s part and great makeups.

  3. FlavorCountry says

    All these actors have contracts, and if there was that kind of drastic change in lineup, which I doubt the network would ever approve, it would have leaked already, because the actors (and/or their agents) would have been marketing them for new projects way back when the decision would have been made. There is precedent in the past about other shows trying to get (at least in the minds of the viewers) back on the air, until you hear that one of the stars just got a new pilot that is going into production, and that they won’t be available. The cast is on hiatus, waiting for that first script, which is probably getting finished right now if it’s not already done, and they’re going back into production in early July.

    So relax fans……

    They could walk on the wild side and give her some time in DC, as has been suggested both here and elsewhere, or just have her decide against it, and go on from there. Isn’t it better that we don’t know, really? The anticipation doesn’t give me any fear, only whets my appetite for what the creative staff come up with to reward our loyalty and engage our imaginations. I have little fear that they will disappoint those of us who love these people and love peeking into their lives.

    Even with the roller coaster ride of Season 5’s hot-then lukewarm-then angst-y flow over the episodes, they have always done right by the characters, and ultimately, the audience. AWM has my faith, as does the newly returned Terry Miller and the rest of the writing staff.

    Besides, all those leaks and hints, and dropped phrases, etc., aren’t accidental. They are orchestrated either a little or a lot by the Powers that Be, and these guys are smart enough not to talk out of school. Remember that over 20 years ago, all of the United States (at least!) was mesmerized for months about ‘Who Shot J. R. ?” on ‘Dallas,’ and the script never leaked.

    So, hints are just that. Little teases about what might be, but not what is.

    In Marlowe I trust!

    • leeann says

      Flavorcountry, I also agree with you. They aren’t going to spoil things for us fans and they shouldn’t. I don’t really want them too, but I love seeing what every one thinks, there is so many opinions its interesting. This also keeps me busy while I wait for September to roll around.

    • Penny says

      I most indubitably agree with you FlavorCountry!! Having watched seasons 1-4 DvDs and season 5 on Hulu multiple times now :) and as many interviews of the writers and cast as I can find, September cannot come soon enough!

      IMIT (In Marlowe I trust) as well

  4. callmecaptain says

    hmmm, the “a yes or no answer” says there is no “maybe”. So a yes it is! But the hint of relocating to DC means the show for sure will take a whole new direction. Could work if that means she will keep on showing up in NY for cases.

    • Steven says

      How could Kate show up for cases in NY? This new job assigns her cases w/traveling all over the country w/no free time. Her new employer would want her to only work on their cases.

    • KenA says

      I wonder if Kate might say no because Rick is proposing under pressure. She might want to turn down the job but wait to see if that is what Rick really wants to do.

  5. CarlagUK says

    Stana may be teasing us all and probably is but I would certainly be in favour of Beckett taking the job in DC. She deserves it. It may not be a permanent thing though but it would certainly stir things up a bit to see her in a different environment.
    Also there is nothing to stop Marlowe and Co from occasionally combining the two locations for the Crime Solving element. No one needs leave the cast. It would take the show in a new and interesting direction and that can’t be bad.

  6. Sylphadora says

    After reading Stana’s comments I’m pretty sure now that Kate is going to say yes :)

  7. Steven says

    Stana was interviewed back in April w/TV Guide magazine. Castle & Beckett voted as favorite TV couple. She said would love them to be married. So if she is quite happy w/Beckett`s answer it should be ” YES”. I don`t think she`ll take DC job.

  8. Kim Moses says

    Couple of things: Flavourcountry is on point with his/her commentary and in addition…

    1) Kate worked all through S4 to be a better person & be able to accept the type of love Castle is offering her. I don’t think she’ll just walk away. I think her responses during the finale was to show us her fear & insecurities she still has. If Castle broke up with her she could hide out in DC, but now she doesn’t need to run.

    2) the show works because of the ensemble cast. They are all important to its continued success. I don’t think AWM is ready to kill the show which drastically changing the dynamic would do.

    3) We’ve heard the announcement about new writers, but no new cast members which would have taken place already I would think if she said no & moved to DC.

    4) AWM et al is infamous 4 making us crazy with these cliffhangers. Personally I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait until the new season starts and all the surprises they will have in store for us. Whatever the scenario, I have no doubt it will be great.

    • Steven says

      If she takes job in DC, who`s the new lead homicide det. working w/espo & ryan ? Some new cast member, I don`t think so. Just like Castles marriage proposal came out of left field. How about Kate finds out from DC their was someone else that gave her a excellent recommendation, that made all the difference in getting this job. Like Sen. Bracken. He told her after she saved his live from that car bomb, it`s already good to have friends. He waited a year before having Maddox find Smith to get that police file. Another year has pasted since she had made that agreement w/him on a x-police file she has. Kate is the last loose end he has to worry about. He wants her away from her friends & family. Mainly Castle he knows their a couple & Rick makes a big difference it her life.

      • Bryan says

        My thought during the “should I take it if I get it” drama of the final episode was more along the lines of: This gives Kate more power and more flexibility to finally get Bracken and close the book on her mother’s death (in a 2-4 episode season opener) before returning to the homicide squad. Of course, they’ll probably drop a hint that Bracken still wasn’t the top of the food chain….

  9. cbg144 says

    Steven ,you have a great idea . Maybe you are right Senator Bracken got her the job .He did say “You never know when you will need a friend”.I do think she will say yes to Castle’s proposal and ask to accept her taking the job or at least let her try if she can do it .

    • Steven says

      Cbg144, I`m sure Kate could do this job. But knowing she owes getting this job to the man who had her mom killed & two attempts on her life her answer is no to DC. Saying yes to Castle is the best think for this series. Having the fans wait 4 months to have Kate say no makes no sense. Besides it`s all about ratings isn’t it ?

  10. leeann says

    Steven, that’s a good idea. I have yet to hear that theory. Maybe Bracken had gotten it for her. It’s interesting to see what happens if that is so. I love reading about all the theories on here. Everyone has such good ideas. Can’t wait for the return of Castle!

  11. Dan says

    Everyone needs to remember that Beckett just screwed one of the most powerful political family’s by having their son arrested for 3 murders. The job offer will be rescinded.

  12. Chris says

    In an ideal world, Beckett could have both the relationship and the job, but she admitted to her father that isn’t feasible given the nature of this job. So, if she goes to DC, how can she accept a proposal to commit to a relationship where she will rarely see the person she is supposed to be building a closer relationship with? Even in the EW interview she talks about Castle renting a plane on Beckett’s “days off”? It seems like her quote acknowledges that for Castle to move to DC with her would mean him being by himself most of the time. If she wants this type of job, she shouldn’t accept the proposal, and let the relationship play out – which we know will mean her returning to NY sometime/somehow.

  13. cbg144 says

    I am thinking again. She will say yes to Castle and not take the job in DC.She will go back to the precinct and tell Esposito and Ryan her new job offer and decide to stay as the one in charge of homicide in the 12 precinct. Gates will be furious she did not take the job and bug her all year about it. Alex will be very happy Castle is getting married to Kate. Martha will wonder where do I go now.Beckett will tell her “you are welcome to stay in your room upstairs. Castle and I are moving in my apartment.Castle will only write here during the day.”The two will remain solving the murders in New York. There will be a great wedding will friends from the precinct and family. Before the wedding happens many unforeseen man from her pass will encounter entering the scene and emotions will run high for Kate. Well that is what I thought.

  14. decarlso says

    I am somewhat new to Castle but I am enjoying catching up on all those episodes. I think she could go to New York but agree to marry Castle obviously the NY thing would have to end at some point maybe after a couple of episodes or so. Something will drag Kate back to NY, maybe something happens to Castle or something related to her mom’s murder or even a Federal case where Kate comes back. After she comes back she realizes how much she misses everyone and decides to get her old job back. Remember if she goes federal she will be starting over basically and will be a probational federal officer which I can’ imagine would be very fun for her. I think she will say yes but they will have a long engagement which they really need because they still need to talk about things and make some decisions. Castle doesn’t really have anything keeping him in NY so he could visit Kate but long distance is hard and would take its toll on both of them. It could be an interesting departure for the show other shows have done similar shakeups and right now They could still show NY and what is happening there but also keep tabs on DC although I didn’t love Agent Stark personally. Can’t wait for the next season and to see what the writers are gong to do. Personally I don’t mind a little tension in the relationship it makes it more real life and couples deal with this type of thing all the time Another way it could go is Kate keeps her federal position but works with the homicide division as a liaison type position.

  15. bockylyn says

    I think the season will start with what happen over the summer and Kate will find out that she will have to go to FBI school and then be a Probie. Did she think she would come in like Agent Jorden Shaw? No way!! I don’t think she will be happy with that and that Bracken got her the job or that other Rich and Powerful Political Family will be out for blood.. this will all be flashbacks. Then the show will start with her back at the 12th. Look at the top of this page you have 6 other people if she is in DC with Rick it don’t fly they are a big part of the show and you only have 40 min. to fit them all in. And I don’t trust Agent Stark I think he’s slime is he a friend of Bracken? And Kate is a super cop but she can be led like that rich play boy she was baby sitting he turned her head and Stark turn turned her head and in Always she went after that hit man no back-up didn’t listen to Rick called him all kinds of thing but he took her back as Lonie says that LOVE!! I don’t think we are done with her Mother’s Murder yet. And she will be wearing the Ring or have it around her neck.
    Yea we will see Espo,Ryan,Lonie,Gates,Alexis.Martha Kate and Rick all back at the 12th that my friends is the Show call Castle!!! :-)

  16. bockylyn says

    One more little thing what kind of life is agent Jorden shaw living? Remember what she said? Here a good twist Kate ask Agent Shaw what she thinks and she says are you nuts you have a great Gig here you have Rick and a great team I would take it in a heart beat but I’am getting to the point of my retirement and I can’t quit now!! I like it!! Great twist!! As the writers always say!!
    Stana is playing us about taking the Job but it don’t fly!! No way!!

  17. SuBenDreamer says

    Glad someone brought up Jordan Shaw. She has it all , important job, married with child. But her husband doesn’t go on jobs with her. Say yes Kate!

  18. Amber2 says

    Yes to the job and yes to Castle? A woman like Kate would try to ‘have it all’. But maybe the outworking of it brings its own challenges… I am certain she will say yes to the job or else she would always resent Castle. BUT maybe Rick keeps consulting with the NYPD occasionally and another beautiful woman takes Kate’s job…Maybe Kate finds out that she’s being manipulated by Bracken but by then her old job is taken… maybe she does turn Castle down and is isolated and unhappy… but no – they have to be ‘together’ in some form for there to have ‘complicaated issues’ to work through. If she said no there would have to be a pretty quick turn around to a ‘yes’ – maybe by the end of episode one… Ah, I am sure Marlowe will surprise us all!

  19. june says

    Remember, Kate begged Castle to ‘not make this about us’. Kate thinks she can separate the job and the relationship. Since Castle proposal contained no requirements, he was basically saying I’ll take things on your terms. He just wants to be part of her life. Also, remember when Martha said that Kate is a bright woman who deals with things her way and when Castle said to Alexis that sometimes you cannot make things be the way you want them to be, he was beginning to look at things from Kate’s point of view. Martha reminded him that he is open and out there whereas Kate is more closed. Her manner of handling thing are different but it does not mean she love him less. There must be compromises. Kate was very emphatic when she told her father she really wanted the job and if she did not take it because of Castle she might end up resenting him. If you love something let it go and it will return to you. Something we must remember. If Kate stays and not take the job, things would continue business as usual. Therefore there is no watershed moment. (Unless the proposal becomes the watershed moment). Food for thought!

  20. june says

    Did anyone notice, when the FBI agent called to tell Kate she had the job, the camera briefly panned passed either the back of a chair or a human figure. I suspect this was no accident. Marlowe is excellent with concealing and presenting clues by using some degree of normalcy.

  21. Kathy1948 says

    Well Stana sure knows how to yank our chains. Sounds to me like she is leading us down the path of YES to both Castle and the job. However, she also says episodes that allow us to know the supporting characters better are likely which Marlowe and the other cast members have eluded to. Those episodes could be used to buffer a period when she is in DC, but eventually she has to come back to the 12th. Finding ways for her to interact with Ryan and Esposito on NYC cases would seem contrived and not real. A bifurcated relationship with the 12th and DC just wouldn’t play well for very long.

    I have faith that Andrew and Terri will continue to keep our characters and the challenges they face real. This could go so many ways to further challenge the Caskett relationship, but if they are engaged, that puts a new level of commitment in their relationship and also offers strength and the confidence they both need to face those challenges knowing that the relationship is equally important to both of them. If they are on the same page with equal passion they are amazing at overcoming obstacles. Can’t wait for Season 6 to begin. Meanwhile, we are savoring Season 5 again, trying to make it last.

  22. KC says

    I think the proposal was the next step in Caskette’s relationship. As far as will Kate say “yes”, I think so because they will “always” be together. Look what they’ve been through together! You don’t just walk away from the person who has risked his life for you, that has proven over and over again how much he loves you. Kate has hurt Rick more than once yet he always comes back to her. And Castle is not going to “lose her again” and let her just walk away. His proposal came at a time when he realized what Kate said could be true “who knows Castle maybe the third time is the charm” and Kate is the one. This is a crucial time in their relationship, the most serious one she’s ever been in because she loves Rick and knows there is no other man for her, so stop being afraid to make a commitment. As far as her still taking the job. Well, to me this kind of came out of left field. No one has held her back, stopped her from pursuing other jobs. What stopped her from looking for a job in Washington before this or even a higher position in the NYPD? I honestly don’t think they will pick up and leave NY. That is their home, that is where their familly and friends are. Remember when she flew to LA to find Royce’s killer and Castle followed her? The note she read from Royce on the plane ride home told her don’t let the job get in the way of your heart, don’t lose what you and Castle have. She needs to read that note again :)

  23. Ben P says

    I think the job offer was just a catalyst to push either Castle and/or Beckett to make the first move to push the relationship to next level. That is the watershed moment. Beckett definitely knows where Castle wants to go now. I hope Beckett doesn’t see the proposal as Castle just trying to keep her in NYC, because that’s surely not the way he meant it. Castle said “Whatever happens, whatever you decide…” He just wants to be with her in whatever she wants to do. To me, Beckett felt like Castle was going to break up with her, instead we got a freakin’ proposal. That gives me faith in Marlowe and Co. with how they have handled the Caskett relationship so far.

  24. steven says

    I couldn`t agree w/you more. These last few episodes Kate has been talking mainly about where their relationship is going. This watershed moment is about Rick & Kate. Moving forward together as a couple.

  25. Mary Anne says

    Ok, a few things I noticed. Beckett went and did this interview without telling Castle. At the point she makes this decision, she has no idea where the relationship is headed. Nor have they talked about it other than to say it wasn’t a one time thing or a fling, they were in this to see where it led. Castle has his daughter, his mother and his writing to keep him busy. What does Beckett have? An empty apartment, occasional contact with her father, a dead mother and no power to do anything about her mother’s murder. Then this opportunity comes along, more power, an ability to work freely and the autonomy she needs to solve her mother’s murder – not to mention also bring down a powerful senator. Tough decision? Not really.
    Now in the last scene, when Castle proposes to her, he said no matter what happens, whatever she decides, will she marry him. So he has to make good on this, not just say it. She may say yes, but he has to wait a year – let her wet her feet in this great opportunity. Beckett takes the job, solves her mother’s murder and then decides its not for her. Or she finds out that the corruption goes pretty deep into the government, she needs to walk away. Besides, she misses Castle, her colleagues, her life in New York. So she comes back to New York, her mission accomplished. Things between her and Castle have changed a bit, she has changed. The next cliffhanger, will they go through with the marriage?
    All couples face a moment where they look at each other and wonder, is this it, is he/she the one? Sometimes you think you know the answer, but do you really?
    Guess we’ll find out next season!

  26. cbg144 says

    Penny !!! What do you think will happy.I know you just recap what happens .Do you really think she will leave the 12 precinct? Well we all speculate but the best scenario is she takes the job in DC agrees to marry Castle and then something happens maybe her dad gets shot she comes back to the New York and misses everybody. She is not to happy in DC it was not what she expected because she has to travel all over the country leaving Castle for days on end.Her relationship with Castle turn out to be a phone call every night she begin to miss being with him.Than she feels not wanted or accept at the DC job and decided to go back to the 12 precinct and asks to have her old job back.Gates could not fill the job with anybody as talented as her.Gates gives her back her old job .Beckett ,Ryan and Esposito get together to find who shot her dad.