Spoiler: Stana on Castle’s Proposal

Zap2it had a chance to interview Stana at "The Lone Ranger" Premiere.  Here is what she had to say about Castle's proposal.

Katic and her "Castle" co-star Nathan Fillion left fans on pins and needles with a surprise proposal during the Season 5 finale, but Katic says it only makes sense to her. "I think they've been through a lot over the years," she says of Castle and Beckett. "And so it's justified in so many ways. Like, if they don't know by now that they're in love with each other, I think that we've missed the boat." Katic won't give any hints as to whether Beckett will accept Castle's proposal, but surely they won't do a long distance engagement, right? "Yeah, I don't know who's gonna move," she says. "I don't know."

Check out the full article on Zap2it for more of what Stana had to say on Castle, "CBGB," and Nathan's new movie.


  1. says

    I am such a big fan of castle so I think that since everything they have been through and how long they have liked eachother that beckett should say yes because she has everything she could ask for right now with castle and everyone at the 12th precinct! I hope she says yes!!!!!!!! (:

  2. Steven says

    I think Kate will say yes too. What`s funny is Stana says she knows Kate`s answer & Nathan doesn’t. Sounds to me like something AWM had them say since he loves teasing & playing w/the fans. Season finale filming was completed by 2nd or 3wk of April. They would have had all their equipment setup for that end seen, I feel they did film her answer.

  3. Chrysta Richards says

    I have been thinking about the proposal, and I don’t think that Kate will be moving, simply because moving would involve splitting time with a new cast essentially (which Marlowe would never do, because he has said the cast is so uniquely essential to the success of the show). I keep thinking that Kate will find out that a certain Senator she hates so much had something to do with the job offer in D.C., which will make it something she no longer wants any part of. That would solve all of the issues- she could say yes to Castle, and not feel like she missed out on anything :)

  4. Caskett<33 says

    Well, they didn’t shoot the answer right away and they start to film on at 8th July. But, a few fans are thinking/hoping that Beckett is pregnant. And that she was going to tell Castle. Her answer might be then no “yes” or “no” but a “Castle I’m pregnant…”. Do you think that will happen? And why/why not?
    Oh, and sorry for my grammar/ vokabulury mistakes, I’m from Germany and still learning English…

  5. Jim gates says

    I don’t think Beckett would last long in DC, can anyone say Senator Bracken? I see her going there and doing a great job but Bracken getting nervous with the whole Death Wish having Beckett so close. So a little innuendo and a bad case and she decides for her and Castle’s own sanity and happiness that NY is where she needs to be.