Spoiler: Upcoming episodes

TVLine released a few new spoilers in Matt's Inside Line.  Check them out.

Hi, Matt! Any Castle scoop for us this week? –Teresa
You could say that. Episode 21, I have learned, is titled “Law & Boarder,” while 22, you may have heard, is called “Veritas.” That brings us to the May 12 season finale, and while unconfirmed by ABC, I’m hearing it’s titled “For Better or For Worse,” and the guest roles being cast include a motorcycle gang leader, an ex-mob boss, a stripper and an… officiant… of some sort. :-O

For the full spoiler article check out TVLine.


  1. maryann22 says

    For better or worse. sounds like a wedding to me. The swings have played a role in there lives. Some verry important decisions have been made at the swings. Im going to say that a small group of family an friends will be at the park . Rick and Kate will get married at the swings . Sounds crazy but Im sticking with it.

  2. Plumptre says

    I have to agree that the Swings have my vote but Marlowe and Co have fooled me before and I wouldn’t put it past them doing it again!!

  3. says

    I’m hoping they at least start the wedding as a finale and finish it at season 7 opener.

    I’m not sure why this comes to mind but it does at this time.

    I’m working on some other ideas as well but this is it right now.

    Also I’m opting for a small wedding.

  4. Plumptre says

    You mean a ‘Cliff-hanger’ Wedding Shirley? Really!?!

    You may well be right but don’t know if I can stand it!
    Perhaps it will be at the point in the Ceremony where they ask if anyone has any reason why they cannot be married!!!

    I’ll go with ‘small’ too.

    • says

      I didn’t think about it that way (“cliff-hanger”) but I too probably couldn’r stand it.
      I just want a small wedding in the Hamptons with a few guest- family and friends and of course and few million viewers like us…!

  5. Ann says

    FWIW – I think ‘Veritas’ is the solving of Kate’s Mom’s murder (the engraving on her tombstone:’ Vincent Omnia Veritas’ (I think I’m remembering this correctly); we will see the murder solved before the wedding. And I agree — probably all the ‘for worse’ scenarios leading up to the actual ceremony — maybe Castle arrives at the chapel (swings/Hamptons/wherever) on the back of Harley . . . fade out . . . . long summer . . . Season 7 Opens with finally the nuptials and we’re off to another great season. Yes, I am totally addicted to Castle!

    • Plumptre says

      Good one Ann!
      I’m liking the theory! Can’t wait to see if you are right even though that will mean the end of Season 6.
      A fellow addict.

  6. Narcisa says

    I want a Ciffhanger. I’m afraid that if we don’t get one, we won’t have another season AND I WANT ANOTHER SEASON!!

  7. GR says

    I understand Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13) has been cast in “For Better or Worse”. He’s supposed to be playing a character that has a past with Beckett. Sounds like the season finale might be an episode that will have wedding preps. in turmoil!