Spoiler: What will Castle do?

This Monday in Castle's Season 4 finale Beckett is dangerously close to delving back into her mother's murder and after the man who shot her when an Army veteran turns up dead.

This could turn out to be the biggest stumbling block to Rick and Kate's relationship when he's forced to consider letting Beckett know his involvement in steering her away from the investigation.

Circling back to the unsolved case of Johanna Beckett’s murder for the Season 4 finale is by design, says series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, since that story point always goes hand-in-hand with significant movement – sometimes for better, other times for worse — on the Rick/Kate front.  -- TV Line


  1. Celtic Lady says

    I hope they don’t hurt Beckett again! That character has been through enough with the shooting and her mom’s murder! The threat can be kept there for a time, but the shooting card has already been played in my opinion! I LOVE Castle!!!!!