Spoilers: Andrew Marlowe discusses Castle’s father and the future

Castle’s creator Andrew Marlowe had a little bit time to discuss this year’s two-parter “Target” and “Hunt” with Wetpaint and discuss the future of Castle’s father.

Wetpaint: Are we done with James Brolin for the season?

Andrew Marlowe: I’m not sure. I don’t think that we’re done with James Brolin. We would love to have him back if he would love to come back. We just have to find the right story. I think he’s the kind of character that you don’t want him just showing up for no particular reason in the midst of a story that doesn’t have a sense of scope and scale to it or a sense of deeper emotion. So, for us, it’s about finding the right story. I waited a long time to introduce Castle’s father because I wanted it to be under the right circumstance with the right mythology behind it, and I feel very blessed that we’re able to find a story where I could do that in the right way.

Wetpaint: The casting of that is brilliant. Was that hard?  Was it hard to find the right guy for it?

Andrew Marlowe: Not really. In terms of the guys who would be in the appropriate age for Castle’s father who are ruggedly handsome, certainly Brolin is at the top of the list. And through fortuitous circumstances, I met him socially just as we were on the verge of casting this, and just chatting with him briefly, he became my no. 1 choice very quickly. It was clear that he had that special something, and oddly enough, he has a little bit of Nathan’s look around the eyes. So when you see the two of them together in that scene, you feel that connection. It was really tremendous, and when you’re looking for somebody who’s ruggedly handsome, who comes to mind, right?

For full article with Andrew Marlowe, head to Wetpaint.


  1. liz says

    Love Castle and that they finally went OUT of New York to other places. The Hamptons were beautiful.
    Love to see Stana Katic actually speak some of the 7 languages she speaks.
    The father daughter is a special part of Castle, hard to see her boob hanging out in the space ship episode. She has been such a great role model for teens and can continue to be.

    Brolin was okay, unfortunately I had a harder time buying he was Castle’s dad couldn’t exactly put him and Susan sullivan or ‘glam gram’ with Brolin. Don’t know why, but it just didn’t ring true. The characters seem like oil and water and couldn’t visualize Gram in bed with Brolin. She just seemed more theater and sophisticated….