Spoilers: Andrew Marlowe discusses guest stars and the end of the season

Marisa Roffman from Gimmemyremote.com had time to sit down with Andrew Marlowe and discuss with him about Ryan’s past, guest stars and what will be happening in the remaining episodes of the season.

Marisa: Will the show take a more serious tone as we reach the end of the season?
Andrew Marlowe: Yes and no. As we were getting close to the end of the year last year, we had our zombie episode, which you know, to me, I thought was very serious. Other people thought it was funny, but I take my zombies seriously.

Sometimes we have stuff going on with Castle and Beckett that can exist in a fun case and sometimes the case can present in a way that challenges the Beckett and Castle relationship. So I think we’re going to have some fun coming up. With the Ryan episode, there are some real genuine stakes because he’s going undercover with some bad guys. But then we’re going to come to a crime scene later in the season, and all indications are our killer is Big Foot. So, we’re going to balance it out.

Marisa: On a lighter note, you guys have gotten some amazing guest stars lately. Are you finding it easier to nail people down because the show has been on for so many years?
Andrew Marlowe: We’re thrilled, always, when people say yes. I do think there’s a core fanbase for the show out there amongst some actors, so I think it has made it a little bit easier. I remember the first season where you kind of beg people to come on and you’re always losing out to the established shows that are in syndication because they’re more valuable for the actor to take versus a show that only has a 13-episode order that may or may not make it. So I think just being a known commodity makes it easier.

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