Spoiler: Episode 5×19 “The Lives of Others” & Season Finale

In E! Online's Spoiler Chat, Kristin Santos spoils a little bit of the much anticipated 100th episode of Castle:

Will Castle or Beckett (or both) be seriously injured in this season finale?
E! Online: Our lips are sealed in regard to the finale (but we can tell you there's a bomb involved), but the ABC hit's 100th episode will pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window when Castle breaks his leg (thanks to a skiing accident while on vacation with Beckett!) and witnesses a crime.

It seems we are in for a very interesting episode in 1st of April, 2013 (Original airdate of "The Lives of Others").


  1. nellie says

    Rear Window is one of my favorite movies from A Hitchcock, so putting a Castle (another favorite of mine) spin on it makes it even better. can’t wait!!

  2. GermanFan says

    Im Castlefan from Germany !
    This is the best Tv show, i’ve ever seen !

    Kate Beckett is so appealing ^-^