Spoilers…for the rest of the season….

TVLine have been talking to Castle showrunner Andrew Marlowe about tonight's episode and a hint of what's to come in the season finale. Here's what he had to say.

...As part of tonight’s encounter with the undead, “Castle has to confront his own behavior… and decide whether he can go on like this, if that’s the person he wants to be.”

First and foremost, the out-there installment is a “really fun, rompy episode,” Marlowe says — and therein lies the catalyst for the showing of cards (and possible revealing of anything else!) that takes place in next Monday’s season finale.

“It pushes Beckett and Castle to this place where, despite themselves and despite how they’re feeling about each other, they recapture a lot of fun of their relationship — and  they have to deal with being confronted with that,” says the scribe. “It gets them each to a point where they start to recognize where they are in each other’s universe.”

And then…? “And then when we get to the finale, we turn things on their head — a couple of times — to get to where we ultimately end up.”

Source TVLine


  1. MisterDJ says

    It’s always amazing how he can say so much and yet give so little info.

    He does seem to confirm that 4×22 ends on a happier note than the last two.

    I can’t wait to see both eps. Just one day left for me before I can see 4×22.

  2. Pablo Garcia says

    Marlowe on each new interview, sounds more and more like a senseless chinese fortune cookie. The characters are not where they want to be, it´s where “he” as their creator, has envisioned them to be.
    I think the essence of Richard Edgar Castle´s uniqueness and attraction, is the fact that he thinks out of the box, is immature and has a competitive drive to figure out the truth in each case higher I think than anyone else in the series.
    To hint that he has to mature, or change, is to change this essense. If Marlowe intends to change the plot of the series from a mystery, crime, comedy, to a drama series, then I think he´s going to lose a huge chunck of the fan-base. I think he´s aware of this risk, and doesn´t care to assume the consequences. Too bad, I think for my favorite TV series.

  3. Pennyak says

    I love watching Castle it is one of my favorite tv shows on this season. I do hope he will bring them together sooner than later, as the Bones series lost be along time ago, as to keep draging this intense relation on will loose something between them. I have alwayes said the writer could bring these together with there personalities and could really work. They are so different yet made to be together as the compliment each others weak and strong points. They are so good and work so well together, and figuring espo and ryan it is a really good mystery, crime comedy. He could bring some drama into it but as I see it now you still see the funny side. Love this show.