Spoilers: Lisa Edelstein on the Next Episodes

TVLine and Give Me My Remote interviewed Lisa Edelstein about future episodes of Castle.

TVLINE | McCord thus far has been a little exasperated with Mr. Castle. Is that going to change at all now that he’s, you know, on death’s doorstep, having been exposed to a chemical weapon?
Yeah, looming death, impending doom, it sort of changes the dynamic of things, and I think McCord allows for some leeway in terms of Castle’s participation [in the Valkyrie investigation]. Because how could you really say no to someone trying to stop themselves from dying?

TVLINE | Plus, he’s now like a piece of evidence.
And he’s a living, breathing piece of evidence — at least for another 24 hours!

TVLINE | Will this lead to any bonding between McCord and Beckett? I can imagine that Beckett might need someone to talk to about what she’s going through.
Yes — although neither one of these women are gabbers. And that’s what they like about each other. There is not a lot of requirement for warm, cushy conversation. They sort of both cut to the chase.

TVLINE | What about working with Nathan Fillion — how did you find him to be?
Hilarious. Just a good-natured fellow.

TVLINE | So it was kind of tough coming down hard on his character when you had to?
No, he can take it!

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“Everyone is involved in saving Castle’s life,” she teased. “And in a way, it brings Castle closer to the investigation, because even he’s involved in saving his own life. Who could really complain about that?”

“I think because of the circumstances, McCord is the one that will back the idea of allowing Castle to participate,” she continued. “She’s not Beckett’s enemy. She’s only trying to make things possible for her. I feel like a lot of questions, especially the pre-first episode questions [from people who have not seen it], have expected an acrimonious relationship between the two women, but it’s not that. It’s not about that. It’s two women who like working with each other and want to support each other.”

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    I love that these two, strong talented women, like their characters enjoyed working together. There is a lot of sexism in our culture that assumes smart strong women can’t get along. I believe that weak people are the petty ones. Truly strong people aren’t so easily threatened by strong women.
    I love the way AWM treats the female characters in Castle. They are so much more than set decoration!