[SPOILERS] Member Article: Caught In the Act

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All right “Castle” fans we’ve fantasized about it, tweeted about it and begged for it and it looks like everything we’ve waited for and dreamed about is going to land in our laps on September 24th. With every hint, spoil and now the artwork that is coming our way leads us to believe that this year’s “Castle” is going to be a sexy, flirty mysterious adventure that rivals the legendary pairing of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.

ABC’s Poster for the show is classy, sexy and fun. The shades of blue give it charm and an underlying sensuality that plays on the leads’ chemistry. There are hints here what waits for us but I’m particularly interested in the handcuffs. This is intriguing due to some tweets from Terri Edda Miller who was curious about how many fans might be indulging “Fifty Shades of Castle” fan fic this past summer. Beckett’s comments about the handcuffs from last season’s “Cuffed” also give a clue to what might be on the agenda. Just saying, I think this theme would make a very delicious mystery.

If you haven’t seen the article and photo shoot that Entertainment Weekly did with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic then you need to seek it out. The photos are exactly what we expect of Castle and Beckett. These two are so hot together don’t be surprised if your fingers are singed by the pages. Definitely expect a little burn on your monitor if you view them on the web. The shots are great because of the spark and the more realistic feel to the pics (no use of Photoshop like the network poster) which makes them even more adorable.

We’ve all been waiting so long for these pictures to surface and I am so NOT disappointed. I love the look and overall feel of these shots including that epically awesome cast photo. If that was a poster, I’d buy it in a second –Hint, hint! I can hardly wait for more because it’s what is tiding me over until “After the Storm.”


  1. Marie says

    I ljust ove this pic! They are so adorable and sexy! It’s going to be a fun-filled S5… can’t wait.

  2. aussiecastlefan says

    Great photo! Cannot wait. Hopefully Channel 7 will fast track the best show that they have but I am not holding my breath.

    • libgal79 says

      You are right AussieCastlefan it is a great photo. I am also not holding my breath either. I hope that channel 7 puts Castle on really soon. Will be watching on the net away and will watch it again when Channel 7 finally puts S5 on. I am definitely another Aussie fan of Castle!!

  3. southerngirl says

    I love these pictures too. There project both a lightness (return to some of the Castkett fun) and happiness as well!

  4. Ali, Sr. says

    Dear HomebakedLife –

    Since the forties are the “new twenties” your timing is perfect :) Choose away and continue enjoying the journey…ALWAYS !!!

    Your article is short, to the point, most enjoyable…& yet loaded with information. THANK YOU !!!

    All I can add is that OCDers are WICKED AWESOME !!! We will continue to enjoy Season 5…Yes we will, of course we will & hopefully, more of your input.