Spoilers: Previews for the 100th episode “The Lives of Others”

Yesterday, TVOvermind, Examiner.com and Nicegirlstv.com, had a chance to see Castle’s newest episode “The Lives Of Others” live and here are their thoughts.

Luciana Mangas from TVOvermind writes:

It is no secret to you guys that these last couple of seasons haven’t been all that great for me and I’ve been very vocal about it, especially when it came to Castle and Beckett’s relationship. Now, having seen the 100th episode a couple of hours ago, I can definitely say that all (well, almost) I had been complaining about has been delivered in “The Lives of Others”. I admit I was a little bit apprehensive about this episode, mostly because, well, it is the 100th episode and it’s a huge deal, for starters. But also because I wasn’t entirely sure how this Rear Window kind of plot was going to play out and, really, why were they even going in that direction?

But it was just so good, guys. Seriously. I don’t have one single complaint about this episode. I was talking to my friend and fellow Castle reviewer, Kate Jennings, from Examiner.com and she said something that pretty much sums up “The Lives of Others” for me: “It’s like everything I’ve wanted the entire series in 40 minutes”. And it really is. Everything I love about this show and everything I wanted to see wrapped up in one brilliant episode with a nice red bow on top of it. It is easily the best episode of season 5 and – dare I say it – maybe the best one of the series.


Kate Jennings from Examiner.com:

It’s not going to be surprising at all if this coming Monday goes down as the day Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller killed the fandom for a second time. On March 29, ABC released a screener for the 100th episode of “Castle”, and there’s a pretty good chance that “The Lives of Others” will become the most favorite episode of all-time for many fans. It’s just so good!


Karen L. from NiceGirlsTV.com writes:

Beckett, Ryan, & Espo work on a case at the 12th, while Castle watches a murder unfold while he’s laid up at home. His vivid imagination allows Kate to wonder if he’s crying wolf, so he spends most of the episode looking for evidence to prove his veracity.

“The Lives of Others” was landmark episode worthy, on-par with episodes like “Always”, and “After the Storm”. Maybe not as serious, but just as well written. There are a few moments of hand-waving, but easily forgiven because of how great the storylines wrap-up.


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