Spoilers: Seamus Dever teases “The Wild Rover” and upcoming episodes

Marisa Roffman from Gimmemyremote.com had a chance to sit down and talk to Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan) about his role on upcoming episode 18 “The Wild Rover”.

Marisa Roffman: You have a big episode coming up on Monday!
Seamus Dever: It’s exciting! I hear good things about it. Everyone’s telling me how great it turned out, so I’m really excited to see it. I’m going to get a copy [of the episode] I think tomorrow to take a look [at it] — I’m going to be live-tweeting on Monday, too. So we will see!

You know, a lot of these episodes are a proving — I like to think of it as a challenge for either like Jon Huertas (Esposito) and myself to break out of our everyday roles of information-gather on CASTLE and actually delve into real…I wouldn’t call it real acting, but more personal acting. A more lyrical journey emotionally for our characters. So that was a test and I wanted to make sure I was battle-tested and up to the duty.

Marisa Roffman: Since at that point you were 99 episodes into the series, what does it do for you as an actor to still be learning stuff about your character’s backstory this far into the run?
Seamus Dever: It’s cool, because there are so many things to mine. It deepens the show, as a whole, that we’re getting to character development land with all of the characters and seeing that they didn’t just show up on day one when Castle showed up at the precinct. Or Beckett as well; these are real people. There’s plenty of opportunity to mine that, and I’m glad our writers are doing that. I’m glad Andrew is taking the show in that direction. Makes it feel more like an ensemble show and it gives us all something to do.

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