SPOILERS: Sneak Peeks for “Headhunters”

It’s finally that time… some more sneak peeks for “Headhunter”. Watch at your own risk!

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  1. In the last clip she asks at the end, “What do I do?” and he replies “what do you want to do”…this is when it would be appropriate for her to say, “Grab him, kiss him, and make babies!!”

    Just figured I would add in a nice ad-lib :)

    • meganleigh7282 says:

      My thoughts EXACTLY! “Yeah, Kate… ‘What do you want to do?’ Stana knows what you want to do!!

      OMG this is getting so GOOD!!! Can’t wait til Monday! These last few eps are gonna be amazing!

      In Marlowe We Trust!!

    • OMG! That would be perfect!!!!! Gawd….how many hours ’til Monday?!

  2. Urkelnomically says:

    The American promo was depressing. The Canadian one was even more depressing. Now I feel better! I love every Beckett therapy scene there’s been so far. Even though her therapist didn’t quite figure out what happened (granted, he didn’t have all the information), he’s guiding her in a very exciting direction.

  3. AnaKrumrick says:

    OMG……. I think I’ll die from sneek peekitis (Is that word possible in English?)!! ok now I’m going to repeat to myself a few times that Nathan promised the finale would be an 11-14 on a scale from 1-10….starting now……

    • “Sneak Peekitis”! I love it! Can we add that to the dictionary?…. or perhaps Wikipedia?


      Condition “suffered” by die-hard ‘Castle’ fans who ache for sneak peeks to be posted on fan websites, only to repeatedly watch them numerous times in anticipation of up-coming episodes. Side effects of the condition may include any of the following: Posting comments on fan sites, ranting about character development on Facebook, and re-watching previous shows to look for clues as to what might occur in future episodes. The viewing of fan-created Youtube Tribute videos usually occurs within the first few hours of being exposed to “Sneak Peekitis”. :D

      • Michaela says:

        Shena, even Wikipedia wouldn´t do it better!!! :-))) I´m dying laughing :-D I´m fan of you from now (not only Caskett) and of course I´m sneak peeking (so let´s make a verb too) as well ;)

        • I’m very flattered, Michaela!… thank you.

          And I’m also in for making it a verb! (could we make it an adverb too?… sneak peekily? Okay, maybe not)

          Can I just say that I love ‘Castle’ fans and the fact that we appreciate grammar humour!

      • jennymac says:

        I love it- you have totally summed us up!

  4. forever_castle_beckett says:

    awesome sneak , I can not wait for Monday need

    thank you very much for the sneak :)

  5. I agree- I was seriously depressedby the US and Canadian promos but these give us hope- both Stana and Nathan said at the Paley Festival that we would be happy but it has been very hard the last couple of weeks to have any feelings other than depressed ( cannot believe I am saying this about a tv programme!). I love this show- the characters, everything about it and so want for castle and Becket to be a couple-roll on midnight Monday when I can download it on ITunes

  6. Cindy Bird says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, this is going to be amazing….I can’t wait for these last few episodes to play out!!! I am so excited!

  7. Oh,wow! I’m kinda in love with that last vid.
    Come on, Katie be strong and just tell Castle. <3

  8. It’s kind of crazy how involved we get in the lives of TV characters… but I am a Caskett shipper through-and-through! Thanks (as always) for the sneak peaks! IS IT MONDAY YET???? :D

    • P.S. Did anyone else catch that Kate said that Castle said she got shot “seven months ago.” By my math, that’s a little off. In “Rise”, Castle said he waited for Kate to call for 3 months, so are we to believe that only 4 months have passed since then? Maybe she was just frustrated and doesn’t really know how much time has passed. Or maybe the writers did their math wrong. Not a big deal… just thought it was interesting.

      • meganleigh7282 says:

        I was wondering the same thing, so I did the math – or maybe I am justifying the time-line.

        If the Nikki Heat books are release in “real” time with the show (Heat Rises released Sept 20th – although the episode Rise aired the day before the release) and Kate had already read the book when she comes to Castle at the book signing (a signing can take place anytime from day of release to a few weeks later), it could be conceivable that the signing is the beginning of October. Back up three months and we are at July when Kate is shot. Keep in mind that while 3 weeks has past for us since Rick heard Kate’s confession, less time has passed on the show (at least what I have noticed, I could be wrong). That would put us around March in the show – probably. So. July to March is… 8 months. So as far as I can tell… 8 months, 7 months… not too big of a stretch, I guess.

        Whatevs. Just fun to analyze! :D

        • Perhaps we are just way too picky (or overly observant) for our own good! :)

          Oh well… it doesn`t change the fact that she waited too long! ;)

          • Michaela says:

            oh, yeah, we´re for sure too picky! that´s why we´re all crazy about CASKETT. don´t you mind? :)

            PS: she didn´t wait too long… so did we ;)

      • Urkelnomically says:

        I wouldn’t mind it it being only 7 months at all but Lanie’s comment about four years passing was such a big gaffe that this stands out more because of it. Granted, it’s felt like longer than it’s really been. And I guess you could go 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and say it’s four years but that’s reaching. Damn my obsessive need for continuity!

        • dscastlefan says:

          I caught the time gap also & wondered about it. However, the writers have always come up with some sort of plot event(?) that alllows them to bridge various time gaps. for example the three month gap during the summer (i.e.. S2 ->S3 Gina to the Hamptons & S3 ->S4 the recovery).

  9. mia santos says:

    i want them tooo hook up beckett say ur feeling nao!!!!!!!!
    castle stop being a jackass n think she LOVES U TOOOO LIKE MORE THAN PARTNER AND FRIENDS!!!!!!1 <3

  10. Renagade says:

    OMG, i want Castle on my television NOW!!! Is it monday already…….
    Can’t wait to see what Kate is going to do after she was talking to her Dr.
    Go go go go…..

  11. phoenixonfire says:

    I’m just dying to see this episode. The writers are just fantastic! I’m full of excitement to see how this season ends and I bet we’ll all be anticipating for the next season (crossed fingers! ;P ) .