Stana Katic on “The Chew” & GMA

Stana Katic Paley 2013Castle’s Stana Katic will appear on ABC show “Good Morning America” on Monday October 7th and  “The Chew” on Tuesday October 8th.

Tickets to the taping “The Chew” are only available for November so fans won’t be able to attend but be sure to tune in on Tuesday at 1pm Eastern (12pm Central, 12pm Pacific) on ABC.

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  1. rosie4paws says:

    It is on at noon here in Portland. Might actually have to watch it for the first time.

  2. Setting my DVR as we speak. Stana is the greatest and I love her!

  3. Hope the GMA personnel involved in Ms. Katic’s interview preps a little this time. The GMA interview for CASTLE’s 100th episode was pitiful! HOW can an anchor on the network that owns the show not know the storyline for the main characters especially when he is interviewing one of the stars for a major milestone of the series?
    How many shows does ABC have which are currently on air with 100+ episodes filmed?

    As a fan of CASTLE, I was offended and would rather there have not been an interview for the 100th episode than to see the shabby treatment Stana Katic dealt with as a representative for the show during that interview. Ms. Katic being the polite lady she is, while obviously surprised at his error/lack of prep for the interview, just informed the interviewer of the status of “Caskett” when he asked her if Castle and Beckett would get together this year (almost a year after they had).

    Maybe the upcoming interview will be a good one. I’ll record it just in case but won’t bother to watch GMA except for the interview segment because GMA has really lost a great deal of its professionalism since Charlie and Diane moved on. CASTLE has grown its audience every year… how has GMA been doing?

  4. Do not like the new series setting and/or the new cast. Additions. Esposito, Ryan and Lanie are a big part of the ensemble and they have been sadly missing in the new season.

  5. Sylphadora says:

    Of course she stole the show, Dmm. Stana is a very rare combination of talented, friendly and gorgeous :D I wish her all the best!!

  6. Glenda Shearman says:

    Today, Tues. Oct.8, I took off work an hour early to watch Stana live on The Chew. Arriving home in the nick of time to turn the tv on only to discover that they were airing the same episode as the day before, not the one I was wanting to see. So disappointed! What The Heck, ABC?