TNT Adds Mondays to their Castle Week

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Castle began airing repeats regularly on TNT Wednesday September 26, 2012 with a special marathon of various episodes from seasons 1-4 and then each Wednesday they ran consecutive episodes in two separate blocks, throughout the day (starting from season 2) and then in prime time (starting from season 1).

In January this year TNT began airing repeats on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays and now they have added Mondays to the mix as well.

Monday the 18th February will be a special Castle day with episodes beginning at 9am and running for a full 12 hours leading up to the first part of the NEW two part episode "Target" which will air at 10pm the same day on ABC.

Castle is one of the top rated shows on TNT.

Episode Title Network Time

Monday Feb 11 - NOW ON MONDAYS!!

Episode 2:02 2:02 – The Double Down TNT 4 PM
Episode 2:03 2:03 – Inventing the Girl TNT 5 PM
Episode 2:04 2:04 – Fool Me Once TNT 6 PM
Episode 2:05 2:05 – When the Bough Breaks TNT 7 PM
Episode 2:06 2:06 – Vampire Weekend TNT 8 PM

Tuesday Feb 12

Episode 3:11 Nikki Heat TNT 4 PM
Episode 3:12 Poof, You’re Dead TNT 5 PM
Episode 3:13 Knockdown TNT 6 PM
Episode 3:14 Lucky Stiff TNT 7 PM
Episode 4:18 A Dance with Death TNT 8 PM
Episode 4:19 47 Seconds TNT 9 PM
Episode 4:20 The Limey TNT 10 PM

Wednesday Feb 13 - No Castle This Week

Mon Feb 18

Episode 3:15 3:15 – The Final Nail TNT 9 AM
Episode 3:16 3:16 – Setup TNT 10 AM
Episode 3:17 3:17 – Countdown TNT 11 AM
Episode 3:18 3:18 – One Life to Lose TNT 12 PM
Episode 3:19 3:19 – Law & Murder TNT 1 PM
Episode 3:20 3:20 – Slice of Death TNT 2 PM
Episode 3:21 3:21 – The Dead Pool TNT 3 PM
Episode 3:22 3:22 – To Love and Die in L.A TNT 4 PM
Episode 3:23 3:23 – Pretty Dead TNT 5 PM
Episode 3:24 3:24 – Knockout TNT 6 PM
Episode 4:01 4:01 – Rise TNT 7 PM
Episode 4:21 4:21 – Headhunters TNT 8 PM

Tuesday Feb 19

Episode 4:02 4:02 – Heroes and Villains TNT 4 PM
Episode 4:03 4:03 – Head Case TNT 5 PM
Episode 4:04 4:04 – Kick the Ballistics TNT 6 PM
Episode 4:05 4:05 – Eye of the Beholder TNT 7 PM
Episode 4:22 4:22 – Undead Again TNT 8 PM
Episode 4:23 4:23 – Always TNT 9 PM
Episode 1:01 1:01 – Flowers For Your Grave TNT 10 PM

Wednesday Feb 20

Episode 4:06 4:06 – Demons TNT 4 PM
Episode 4:07 4:07 – Cops & Robbers TNT 5 PM
Episode 4:08 4:08 – Heartbreak Hotel TNT 6 PM

Monday Feb 25

Episode 4:09 4:09 – Killshot TNT 4 PM
Episode 4:10 4:10 – Cuffed TNT 5 PM
Episode 4:11 4:11 – Til Death Do Us Part TNT 6 PM
Episode 4:12 4:12 – Dial M for Mayor TNT 7 PM
Episode 1:02 1:02 – Nanny McDead TNT 8 PM

See TNT Schedule for more details.


  1. cbg144 says

    I really enjoy watching Castle.I get up at 4 am and watch reruns before I start my day. It reminds me when my husband and I were young married.We were just like Kate and Castle. My husband was full of jokes and I was the serious one working as a cancer nurse.He made my day fun once I came home.I just retired this year after 40years .Now I have to rekindle the magic we had together and the show Castle helps me be the person I was like 34 years ago.I was like Kate full of love for my husband. I guess the honeymoon has to start all over again.thank you

  2. Bob Baxter says

    There can never be too much “Castle” on tv with the absolutely stunning and magnificent Stana Katic!

  3. Katherine Potter says

    I enjoy Castle very much,but for some reason it wasn’t on TNT Wed. Are they going to still have it on Wed? I could never catch it on ABC , I started looking for it after I caught it on TNT!

    • says

      The schedule changes a bit week to week, to keep up to date visit our schedule page, you’ll see Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays have episodes airing, depending on which week it is – for future reference there’s a convenient SCHEDULE link in the menu at the top of the page :)

  4. Mara McManus says

    So how many of you have actually gone to the ABC TV website and posted a comment in the feedback section? It is simple. Make your case for renewing Castle for another season!! If viewers who really are Castle fans don’t speak out, then the network will just assume that there is not enough interest to renew the show. Remember, not only do we have to unravel the mystery of Kate’s mother, but we have to bring all to justice. Then while we are at it we have to take the cloud off of the Mayor, Castle’s friend.
    Seems to me that would take a WHOLE season. ( do you need another hint or do you get the message?)