TNT Promotes Castle in NYC

Photos have been popping up online of huge signs promoting Castle on TNT in New York City. Have you seen a Castle poster somewhere? Share it with us in the comments below.

This photo taken on 7th Ave & 48th Street courtesy of lizb1813 on tumblr.

Castle airs on TNT every Wednesday. Here’s today’s schedule.

Wednesday Oct 10
Episode 2:07 Famous Last Words TNT 11am
Episode 2:08 Kill The Messenger TNT 12pm
Episode 2:09 Love Me Dead TNT 1pm
Episode 2:10 One Man’s Treasure TNT 2pm
Episode 2:11 The Fifth Bullet TNT 3pm
Episode 2:12 A Rose for Everafter TNT 4pm
Episode 2:13 Sucker Punch TNT 5pm
Episode 1:07 Home is Where the Heart Stops TNT 8pm
Episode 1:08 Ghosts TNT 9pm
Episode 1:09 Little Girl Lost TNT 10pm



  1. Europa says

    Hey, thanks for posting the schedule too. 😀 “Home is Where the Heart Stops” is one of my all time favorites!

    And who wouldn’t want that huge sign? Just slap it right on the side of the house. ;D

    • says

      We have had the TNT schedule all the way through till November posted for at least a month now :) You’ll find it by clicking on the Schedule link in the menu at the top of the page, or by clicking the schedule buttons at the top right of the page :)

  2. jalex says

    Mikevp1. I was wondering the same thing. Why do I only see previews on DWTS and then towards the end. ABC start promoting Castle. It must have something or the books wouldn’t go to the top of the best sellers list on the day they are released.

    • Europa says

      One popped up during my local ABC-Affliate’s morning news yesterday (10/15/12) and I was truly shocked because that pretty much NEVER happens.