To Spoil or Not to Spoil…

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Let’s face it. This is a long-standing issue that pits us fans against each other. We all know it. There are “spoiler free” fans, “spoiler-holics”, and those who find themselves trapped in the middle.

Personally, I love spoilers. I love building theory (no Castle pun-intended) with my friends, pitching ideas about what we think is going to happen. Although, the Castle writers are so fantastic that most of the time I’m wrong.

Yet, sadly, the “great spoiler debate” has driven a stake between the fans, forcing fans to take up arms against the opposition.

Big Spoiler From the previous episode "Knockdown"

I know, it sounds crazy, right?


But it’s true. Spoiler-free Castle fans find themselves forced to unfollow their friends on twitter, simply because articles and photos and video clips are flying out with no warning. Spoiler-loving Castle fans then loose touch with friends throughout the season, some even feeling criticized by others because they do like such content.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Even though we have a safe haven for spoiler speculation, the issue undoubtedly surfaces again. As fans, and friends, we need to remember this, and be mindful of what we post and what we say.

And that goes for both sides.

To those who are spoiler-free: Please remember to be polite to those of us who are sometimes forgetful. We know we’re all excited about our favorite show, and sometimes that excitement causes us to jump the gun and forget to label “spoiler” posts.

To those who are spoiler-lovers: Please be respectful of our friends who would like to be ‘unspoiled’. When in the chat room, hole up in the Spoiler Room for discussions, send direct messages on twitter, and post spoiler warnings in forum posts.

Both sides have legitimate cases. And everyone has become dedicated to their preference for the same reason.

We all love Castle.

That’s the bottom line. We all love the show, the characters, the writers, the actors, right? Of course, right.

Some of us find being spoiled exciting. Some of us find not being spoiled exciting. And some of us are perfectly happy to be casual spoiler-viewers.

It’s all about respecting each other. Just because fan A doesn’t agree with fan B, doesn’t give them the right to shoot down their ideas. If fan C is getting excited over article X, they should be allowed to discuss and theorize with fan D without fan E telling them to stop. And if fan F wants to be surprised come Monday night, who is fan G to say that’s not good show support?

At the end of the day the most important thing for us to remember is that we’re all fans. Fans of a fantastic show. And we’re friends because of that. We’re lucky to have each other, and a place to express our opinions. It’s time we all realize that none of us is any better, or smarter, than anyone else, and let everyone have their fun in their own way.

Differences aside, we need to keep watching, keep following, keep being the extraordinary Castle fans we are.


  1. Karen says

    I’ve been a spoiler-aholic all along but would love to go spoiler-free for the rest of the season so I can be legitimately surprised by everything the episodes have to offer. In practice I’m having trouble doing that because I love to follow all the websites for interviews on the cast, post ep discussions, etc. But many times an article title will in and of itself give away a spoiler. I may have to unfollow certain sites and people in order to not accidentally be exposed to spoilers, but then I feel like I have to leave the party. And I love the non-stop Castle party!! I want to be in the loop without being in the know. Either way, the show is my best escape from life and I’ll soak it up whether I’m spoiled or not.

  2. belle_lover says

    While I know I have had my fair share of outbursts of being a spoiler-free fan, you make excellent cases for both sides, Tappin. For me, it’s all about finding what works for me as a spoiler-free fan. Yes, I’m still learning how to be a better spoiler-free fan, and I think it really is all about finding that common space. While no system is perfect, as you’ve outlined, there are systems that are being used to maintain that balance for both sides. We just have to work together :)

  3. KittyCatMittens says

    I really don’t like spoilers but i can’t survive without those small tips on what could be in the upcoming episode cause that helps me wait a week (or 3 like in this situation :( )

  4. deep fried twinkie says

    I think it’s great that someone wrote an article about this, because it is an issue. I personally like episode summaries, but I don’t like big spoilers, especially when they’re out of context.

  5. UltimateCastleFan says

    If you like spoilers, then you have to see a certain one!!! Go to Home and scroll down to What’s Coming Up On Castle and click on: To Love and Die in L.A. Once there scroll down to the spoilers and watch the first one! If you are a big Caskett (Castle and Beckett) fan then you will LOVE this one!The other are good also but you HAVE to see the 1st one!!!!! LOVE CASKETT!!!! AND CASTLE!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  6. AlwaysKate11 says

    Great article. I am one of those “in between” folks. I can’t help but do a little peaking to see what’s coming up, but then get mad if I find out too much. Knowing a big Caskett scene is coming up can make the week go so slow, but a good kind where the anticipation builds. But sometimes I am disappointed after because it isn’t always as good as the sneak peak, and I do love surprise moments.

    So for the last to episodes I have vowed to go spoiler free but find that unless I don’t visit any of the Castle it is almost impossible. I haven’t read a single post marked “spoiler” but already know many details about the last two episodes. Not sure how I will make it to the season finale and don’t get me started about getting through the summer!

  7. AmyMarie97 says

    Very interesting article! I actually, literally, just posted an article about how ABC keeps posting uber spoilery “sneak peaks” on my blog (I think it’ll be linked by my name at the end of this post. I like your advice of caution for spoilerholics and spoiler free fans. I just have to be very careful on twitter, haha, and fortunately, people seem to be taking your advice and avoiding big spoilers. great article! :)

  8. says

    I love Castle! I watch it almost every day. But in my country it airs only two times a week, so I watch it mostly in the internet. I guess Im a spoiler, too. :) LOVE CASKETT!! <3