TV Guide Video Interview with Captain Gates


  1. Flavs says

    she sounds great… looks like a lot of new conflict will be brought by her character and shaking things up is always good

  2. Ennis says

    Why can’t I watch this???!!!!

    Only looking at the pic…is she the first lady Sally Palmer in 24?

  3. Chandramas says

    I love her! But I know I’ll hate her character :p Or I’ll laugh everytime she is on screen if they use the comedy I-hate-You kind of vibe (which I hope for)

  4. Mike Wilding says

    I think that Gates will eventually come to realize that Castle adds another aspect to the “team” because of his ability to think outside of the box. I believe that she will grudgingly come to respect him as she realizes the legitimacy of his contributions. I think that she will find that having been internal affairs will be a drawback to earning the respect of her new command but that she will ultimately come to realize that this is true police work and she will develope into an effective leader. She will never hold the place in Beckett’s heart that Montgomery did. He was her mentor. He taught her everything that she knows about homicide investigations. However, i think that she will eventually become a member of the team. I believe that it will be long and tough row to hoe however.

  5. says

    I hope that her distrust of Castle and the Castle/Beckett teaming makes Kate and Rick become even closer in order to overcome Gates’ objections. Forcing the issue to Kate of how valuable he is in her life!

  6. says

    This is a brillant idea, as it would spice up the series a bit. And I think there would be a hec lots of aguement as of course it’s inevitable. And comparism of course as capt. roy was a jewel, to them all.