1. Honey Apostos says

    That was a very good interview. Something to watch if you want to know more about Jon. Nice job with the butterflies, Jon.

  2. cbg144 says

    Jon you have a beautiful voice keep on singing. Do not let thing bring you down no matter what. I was told very young not to waste my parents money by learning how to sing. I got hold of a good singing teacher and now I even sing High soprano in operas and I can read music and can sing any sheet of music that presented in front of me to sing. Keep your dream alive no matter what stumbling blocks you may encounter.KEEP SING

  3. Antonio g says

    wow…i use to be stationed with this guy back a long time ago (air force)…he always wanted to be an actor and do his thing…and i see he has succeeded…congrats and good on the interview also! a true testament that if u strive toward that dream, u can achieve it!