Video: Nathan Fillion on Good Morning America

Spoiler Warning: This does include some clips from the season finale.


  1. srieley says

    Fun interview but I wish we would get some stana interviews. She does so few.

  2. Martin says

    I guess if they thought she would be better at promoting the show they would make her do these things, so draw your own conclusion; either they think she is not that good, or they think it’s a women’s show and so they think the girls tune in for him. who knows. but don’t think that because you’re a fan these kind of things are haphazardly put together.

    • E.B. says

      Stana is apparently travelling overseas. She accepted her award (PRISM?) from “a remote location.”

      Nathan has been on GMA before, and they’ve both done promotional work in support of the show. Stana in particular has done a great deal throughout the season, especially interviews.

      Nathan is perhaps higher profile, and is number one on the call sheet. In that sense it is no surprise at all that he’s doing a NYC blitz of GMA, Live with Kelly, and Jimmy Fallon. He also won a fan choice award, and ABC does seem to be catching onto the digital realm as a promotional platform at last, in addition to the usual outlets.

      ABC does trend a female demographic, but from blogs and comments, a great many fans appreciate Stana as a role model as much as Nathan for being attractive (and also being a role model, IMO).

      All the cast have been pretty accommodating in terms of interview clips etc. I certainly doubt that after 4 seasons ABC now lacks confidence in how one of their leads would promote and discuss the show. If that were the case the studio wouldn’t have accepted/sent them to Paleyfest.