Video: @NathanFillion Talks about the “Moonlighting Curse”

While in the UK recently Castle’s Nathan Fillion talked to Digital Spy about Castle, the “Moonlighting Curse”, fans and more.



  1. Rachael says

    As much as I’d like Castle to go on forever, I think he’s dead on with the idea that Castle should end after 6 or 7 years and end strong, rather than petering out and dying a slow death. It seems that practically all long-running shows follow that trajectory – they start out good, then they crescendo up to a couple great seasons, and then they go downhill for like several years before they finally die. I think Lost and Breaking Bad had/have the right idea – plan the exact number of seasons you want to do and plan the story arcs ahead, and then end strong.

  2. Ryan says

    Ultimately, Nathan holds most of the cards in deciding how long it runs. He has experience with popular shows that ended too soon (and it’s worked out well for him) so I can understand his inclination to end after 6 seasons. However, this 5th season is critical to determine the pace, direction and quality of the show’s future. Andrew Marlowe is smart and talented. He is capable of writing 6 *more* seasons of magic but only if the cast is with him 100%. I will continue to watch every episode they produce – regardless of how long it lasts – and when Nathan or Andrew decides to end it, I will celebrate with them in recognizing this fantastic achievment.

      • Phillip 07 says

        Admin, at the risk of having my knuckles rapped again for going OT, I would cite “Miami Vice” as a prime example of a series that was on the air too long for its own good. After a brilliant first season and a second season that was hit or miss, they attempted a reboot for Season 3 that was only partly successful. There were some memorable episodes in Season 4, but the less said about the dismal Season 5 the wiser. An unprecedented letter writing campaign kept “Star Trek” on the air for a third season, but it proved a Pyrrhic victory in that NBC exiled the show to a 10P Eastern slot on Fridays and sealed its fate.

        “Grey’s Anatomy” is a more recent case of a scripted show that has meandered into creative stagnation. On the other hand, “Friday Night Lights” accomplished what it set out to do in the space of five seasons and bowed out on a high note. In light of this I understand Nathan’s preference for quitting while he is ahead. My personal take is that “Castle” has a shelf life, as it were, of another two to three years. The challenge before Andrew Marlowe, his stable of supremely talented writers and of course his exceptional cast to to keep the series vital up to the very end. I believe them equal to the task. I’d be happy to watch new episodes of “Castle” through 2019, but I’ll settle for a strong finish (preferably one in which Rick & Kate have started a family) in 2015.

  3. Honey Apostos says

    Great interview. I like the idea of another couple of years of “Castle” at least. This season is important for establishing how the relationship will change things (keep new viewers–no pressure there–attempted sarcasm just so you know). You want to keep the fanbase that got you there as well. Castle wouldn’t be the same without the smartly written mysteries as well as the comedic fun.
    I love the way the writers pick up thoughts from the fans and run with them when they can. All the time, I have to rhyme? Why is that?
    It makes us feel important. :)
    Much love to everyone at Castle for the smart stories and fun. Season 5…I’ve beeen thinking…

  4. terilou8 says

    I think Castle will pick up in popularity this next season and has a good run of 3-5 more years left of good stories. If the ratings stay up, I hope that the writers and cast will stay on board until they can’t figure out any more stories and the cast wants out. I have heard AM say that marriage and babies could down the line and have seen him mention that happening in Season 8 which would be amazing. Let’s hope we see Season 8!

  5. ivane71 says

    jut listened to nathan he speak n awful lot of sense. nobody wants to see Castle fade away. if the story line (castle/Beckett) contiues at the samepace i can see maybe 8 series. Before kate and rick can really move on Johanna`s murder will have to be sorted, ths will always be problem for them. maybe andrew should call in the fbi to help, just a thought , we might get to see dana delany again as agent shaw, if she can spare the time from `body of proof

  6. aussiecastlefan says

    I can see at least two or three more seasons of Castle. In that time it is possible to find out the two most important things to me anyway who killed Kate’s mother and who is Castle’s father. These two things will be important to Kate and Rick as well. I don’t want to see Castle fall like Crossing Jordan did with a lot of loose ends. I think that the show is doing good things and I would not like to see it get stale…

  7. niseet says

    If writer team go with the story lines along successful shows with leads as a couple who is formally committed to their love as a lifetime partners , there will be some funny moments on domestic front and solving crime as wee.
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