Will Castle be at Comic Con This Year?

With San Diego Comic Con just six weeks away we have heard a rumor ABC is not planning to have a Castle panel at the event this year. While it is disappointing to hear we already suspected this would be the case.

Chances are Nathan Fillion will still have a signing event some time during the convention as he did last year and Molly Quinn has indicated she will be attending the event in some capacity.

We will continue to keep you up to date on any Castle related activities taking place at and around the San Diego Comic Con in the coming weeks.

If you missed out on getting a badge to SDCC earlier in the year, resale badges should be made available in the very near future. Watch the official SDCC twitter account @Comic_Con for news.

Molly Quinn Star Trek SDCC Comic Con

Molly Quinn at SDCC Comic Con in 2010



  1. Gabriela says

    I was wondering, maybe we, the fans, could ask Zac Levi and The Nerd Machine to try and put together a Castle panel at Nerd HQ? Nathan and Molly were there last year (Nathan even the year before) and I’m sure that he would be willing to ask the rest of the cast to join him there, it’s for charity and they’re all very philanthropic, so if they could I’m sure they’d agree to it. :) Or maybe sign a petition or something so we wouldn’t be spamming them with our individual tweets… Just a thought.
    Twitter: @thenerdmachine @ZacharyLevi