Writing Castle

Castle is moving into full swing for season 2.   Preparations for filming are well under way, the first chapter of the companion novel "Heat Wave" is due to hit the ABC website a month from today and the writing team has been assembled.   This year some of the writers from season 1 will return and some new creative minds are being added to the pot with a notable inclusion.

It's no secret that many fans of Castle's lead cast member Nathan Fillion are also fans of the popular 2002 series Firefly so bringing in writer Jose Molina this season is sure to generate a lot of buzz.   Molina was Executive Story Editor for the entire series of Firefly and wrote the episode   Ariel and co wrote the episode Trash. Molina's other credits include Without a Trace and   Law and Order: SVU.

Returning writers include: Elizabeth Davis (Little Girl Lost);   Will Beall (Home is Where the Heart Stops); Moira Kirland (Ghost - also episodes of Medium, The Dead Zone, Twilight Zone) and   David Grae (Hedge Fund Homeboys - also episodes of Gilmore Girls, Without   a Trace.)

Alexi Hawley joins the team with past experience as writer and Executive Story Editor for the television series The Unusuals and the film Exorcist: The Beginning and Terri Miller (Dysenchanted), Terence Paul Winter (All of Us, JAG) and Shalisha Francis also join the team.

Executive Producers for season two are:   Andrew Marlowe; Rob Bowman; Rene Echevarria; Laurie Zaks and Armyan Bernstein.


  1. Peg Hunter-Nichols says

    I am a retired comedy writer. My boss won 2 Emmys, and I got to meet and work with some of the best writers and actors in the business. It has been a long time since a series caught my interest, as Castle has. The writers and actors are outstanding. Nathan is amazing. Three generations of my family agree. Best wishes for further success in season 2.

  2. D. Namrettel says

    My gf got me into this show, I remembered liking “Firefly” so I gave it a shot. Cast has good chemistry and wanna see where they’ll take the stories. Just when I thought I had too much on my Tivo “Season Pass”. Keep this show on the air!